Decorative House Banners - Corny or Cool ?

Do you have an opinion on those ubiquitous house banners that people proudly display on their homes, that can run the gamut from patriotic to purely decorative? When I moved into my home and discovered I had the contraption necessary to display a flag, I automatically thought of all the lame and silly flags I've seen in the past. I pretty much figured I would never display anything but an American Flag. But then, as I walked around my neighborhood, I noticed some really cute and colorful banner flags out there. Not all of them had teddy-bears and 'Welcome' pineapples (not that I'm opposed to either of those :) After going through the seasons and seeing some adorable seasonal and holiday banners, I started to become inspired but it wasn't until my sister spotted a very beachy flag while she was walking Zeus that I became totally obsessed. So, I caved and got the flag above and I have to tell you...it makes me smile just to think of it :)


  1. i totally understand your initial hesitation because i know i've felt the same way....BUT there are some cute one... ( i kinda like the snoopy ones myself!)....in florida they're SO popular and almost everyone has one....

    i love yours! i think it's quite festive.....
    i say, if you have good taste already you'll most definitely have tasteful banners as well!

  2. Phew! Thanks KJ for the vote of confidence. Since you and Laura have given me the thumbs up then I feel ok about it.

    And now you have really created a monster because I secretly wanted a Snoopy one forever!