Did you know...

...that this is the 999th post on Ooh La La Du Jour? You know I can' t resist any chance to mark an occasion and this seems like as good a milestone as any. I have to admit, it never occurred to me that KJ and I would ever hit 1000 posts. Keeping at it, especially considering the year or so that she and I have had has been a bit of a feat in and of itself. But I think KJ would agree, that what started out as a mere list of things we 'adore' has become more than that...it has become a way for 2 great friends to reconnect. It was only after we started this blog that I realized how much I missed KJ as part of my daily life...but now she is back...and to quote a brilliant company 'Life is good' :)

Anyway, to mark the occassion, here are few of my favorite posts of the last 1000. It is pretty hard to narrow it down and I've no doubt I've missed many...but this is a start. (By the way, I'd really like KJ to have the 1000th post...so I think I will hold off until she returns...so have a happy weekend all!)

Sylish Japanese Umbrellas
May I Come Along
Born to Beach!
A new favorite...
Librarian Chic Monday...Necklace Required
Scene Stealing Nails
Bass Shoes
My favorite things...forever...and totally priceless

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