Scene Stealing Nails

I am most thoroughly and definitely not a fan of the movie The Devil Wears Prada (to be honest I disliked the book even more). Anne Hathaway is kind of a bore in the film and Meryl Streep is totally miscast as the foremost fashionista in the world...she simply cannot pull off being the uber-editor (in spite of what critics think...and are afraid to say, she cannot do everything). However, I will watch at least parts of the movie almost every time it's on cable (which is a whole lot) because of 2 things...Emily Blunts' scene stealing performance as snooty assistant 'Emily Chalton' and her fabulous FABULOUS nails. Emily's nails are my absolute envy and I attempt to immitate them every day of my life. Short and always painted dramatically dark, I kind of gave up trying to find the exact shade she wore... I do stick with super deep shades of blue and red/maroon (even black) to stay as 'Emily-esque' as possible.


  1. such an interesting post! you know, i can never watch the whole movie..like you said, it's always on tv and i can only stand to watch 10 mins or so each time...but i need to pay attention to emily blunt more & esp those nails of hers!

    i love it that you wear the dark shades! very cool indeed..and i so agree about keeping them short! that's my motto! keep them short & clean!

  2. Emily Blunt saved this movie from total catastrophe as far as I'm concerned. I am such of a fan now...but I do spend most of the time she's on screen trying to catch glimpses of her hands :)

    By the way, I just go 2 new shades of that Sally Hansen Insta-Dri...Night Flight and Uptempo Plum...very 'Emily' !!