Umbrellas-The most underrated accessory?

When I was young, one of my most favorite books was Umbrella, the Caldecott Honor book by Taro Yashima. The beautiful book is the story of Momo, a little girl living in NYC who is simply desperate for a rainy day so she can use her new umbrella. The illustrations in the book are amazing and I adored the sound the raindrops made as they hit Momo's umbrella, as she heard it ("bon polo, bon polo, bolo, bolo, bon polo"). I was thinking of Momo today...because it's miserably rainy up here. I hate the rain. But I do love umbrellas...mostly because of this book. My first umbrella was pale blue with a wooden handle and I thought it was beautiful. I have always admired gorgeous ones and have had so many over the years, I've lost count. My favorite these days are JCrew's. Sturdy (it has to be, to survive a Rochester season) and beautiful (I have a pink paisley pattern and one with a cool book pattern), my JCrew umbrellas just make me happy because they do it all.

Le Sport Sac has some fab mini-umbrellas now too. I'm telling you...not hating the rain is 100% dependent on having an awesome umbrella :)


  1. you know, i actually like rain...most of the time...just not when it rains for 3-4 days straight--we had that two weekends ago and it was a real pain. but i like in general...it's probably in line w/ my personality... anyway, i love the j crew umbrellas too! i always have one handy...love the handles.

    and this book is incredible! i'm definitely going to have to get it for my kiddy book collection. thanks so much!

    just the other day we were walking around w/ my japanese clear umbrella and brandon overheard a girl say to her friend that my umbrella was the coolest umbrella she'd ever seen! i was beaming! literally happy and grinning to myself.....

    long live beautiful umbrellas!

    fantastic post!

  2. Well, I have never seen your Japanese clear umbrella but I am coveting it from afar! It sounds so wonderful and I am so jealous...and I love your umbrella admirers...further proof that it must be one heck of an umbrella.

    You must add this book to your collection! It does not disappoint!

    As for the rain...its really love/hate for me. Most of the time, I just can't stand it. But one some days...like you said, it just suits my mood and I am happy for it.