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I was just reading Abbey Goes Design Scouting and came across her newest post. It's brilliant! It's all about having a core group of clothing that you can turn to again & again....I, unfortunately do not have this down to a discipline..but I can always learn! Plus, she gave rave reviews about the Gap Skinny mid-rise jeans. Reading the reviews on this item, I think I might just take a peek when I get the chance.... I love it when I learn something new...

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  1. This is so interesting. I loved what she wrote about buying the same things over and over. That can really happen if you don't watch out. I am so drawn to black that I just keep buying it...not that you can ever really have too much...but you know, it's good to be aware of the situation. And I am just nuts about the concept of having a core group of clothing. Being on a budget...I live by this. Even when I shop in less expensive stores (like H&M or even Target) I try to stay with the basics that I know I can wear with everything. Its not easy though...I am drawn to JCrew as equally as Papagonia and neither are cheap so I am always pulled between outdoorsy and more formal. Ugh...all this would be solved with an unlimited budget :)

    Oh and I am really a huge fan of skinny jeans. It took me a while to come around. First, I felt like I was having a flashback to my Guess jeans in high school...then I thought the look was too young for me. Now I'm ok with it though...and I love the look with flats for the spring! Must check out this Gap version.