my new boyfriend

I can't stop thinking about him.


  1. Oh dear lord...is this a bunny rabbit with a mustache?!? OK Ms. M....we might have to fight over this one! Cutest thing I have seen in a month!

  2. I first saw him at Urban Outfitters...I fought the urge to buy him the first time, but I keep thinking about the little guy...he's so cute.
    he comes in 2 sizes...in case you like him to be a little more petite!

    i'm getting him when i come back from my trip.
    he's too cute, right?

  3. I mean this is the cutest freakin thing I have ever seen. You know, I have a lot little rabbits in my yard. They hang out (and set of my sensor lights...so cute!!) and I just love them! I am so getting this...he's going next to Domo on my desk!