Light bulb moment - Sea shells!

So you might remember me lamenting a few weeks back about these pretty cabinets that I have by my fireplace that I have been struggling to decorate. I've gotten some great suggestions and will probably incorporate a bit of them all into the idea I finally came up with. Because of the display quality of the cabinets, I really thought they would look best with some sort of collection. I'm not much of a collector but then it hit me...sea shells!! I love love love seashells and have always wanted to incorporate them into my home..somewhere. They would provide that little bit of Key Largo at home. And the idea could not have come at a better time since I am headed down to the Keys (home to lots and lots of shells) in just a couple weeks. I can hardly wait for the shell collecting/shopping to begin!

Beautiful shell photo from A Collection a Day

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  1. Can't wait until we're collecting shells on the beach in Kl!!