Mom knows best...

...you know she does...why fight it? So when your mom recommends a recipe, you know what you do? You go out and get the ingredients to make said recipe that very day. And then you know what happens? Said recipe turns out to be one of the yummiest things you've eaten in ages. Pappardelle with baby spinach, herbs and ricotta = delicious!

Method mouse :)

So, I've never been super into Mickey Mouse or Disney in general (though I did love childhood trips with my family to Disney World). I am, however, completely crazy for these Mickey and Minnie inspired hand washes from Method.  The packaging, plus the scents (strawberry fizz and lemonade) are kind of genius...and you have to admit...they will make you smile. Via The Dieline

From the Sartorialist...

...I more or less love this look spotted by Scott Schuman...in part because it's basically what I am wearing today. Oh and in case you are interested...here's the rest of this fellow :)

Moss and McQueen on UK Bazaar

Just LOOK at the gorgeous covers of Bazaar's UK Edition featuring Kate Moss wearing Alexander McQueen's gowns.

Wow WOW!!
*Spotted on The Cut

JCrew Fall '11

Refinery 29 has a pretty great slide show of the looks from JCrew's Fall '11 collection. Check it out. What do you think? You know what I'm going to day...love!

*Though I will mention that I don't particularly 'love' the mens looks. Seems a little bit of the 'same as usual' to me.


It's that time of year again - The VSW Auction

I think one of my absolute favorite events in Rochester is the annual Visual Studies Workshop Auction. Back in the day, this used to be a smallish event but now...well, it's blossomed into one of the 'must go to' shows of the year. And now, with on-line bidding, everyone can participate. Here are a couple of items I have my eye on..aren't they amazing?!

*Beautiful pieces by Marlene Seidman and available for bidding.

Decorating with books - LCM

You'd think that, as a book lover, I'd be super opposed to the Nook, Kindle and other devices of the like...but I am definitely not. On the contrary, I love them and can't wait to own my very own iPad so I can download books and read and store them in this fashion. Even though I have yet to actually make that transition, I am definitely preparing for the day...how, you ask? Well, by moving many of the books in my own collection along. Donating to the various book sales, et al that I have access to, I have probably whittled my collection down to half. Never fear though. There will always be books that I carry through life and this book on way to use them as 'furnishing' is an absolutely brilliant resource. So many amazing ideas for giving your collection a second life in your home.


Spring fever

Even though the weather is NOT cooperating, I have some massive spring fever...you know how I know...'cause I'm spending a lot of time looking at the Athleta site. It never fails...something about their amazingly in-shape model/athletes and their sporty,outdoor clothing really have me pining for the warm weather. I am really drooling over this look...isn't it the coolest! Actually this is a dress over leggings but how do you feel about that  'tunic and leggings' look. I have to tell you...I'm mad for it!

Bento cuties

Love the Shinzi Katoh bento boxes at Kir DeVries! They have so many adorable designs to pick from, it's almost impossible.

The perfect pieces

This look from Madewell popped up on my email today. You know, I think it may be the perfect summer outfit. Everyone knows how much I love a classic look... one with pieces so fabulous, that almost be called a 'uniform'. Tell me this doesn't come as close to that concept as an outfit can. Smashing!


Simple, sideways heart

...and I could not love this little ring more :)

Sign me up...

...for these new Karl Lagerfeld designed, Diet Coke bottles which will be available in June 2011. Karl L. has a well known addiction to Diet Coke (who doesn't right?) so it's seems only right that he should do the honor of designing this limited edition bottle. Cannot wait for these to hit the stores.

Via Refinery 29

Happy Greek Independence Day

Just in case you missed it...Greek Independence Day was over the weekend :)

Guest Blog - Only in Japan

My boyfriend makes fun of me because of I'm constantly planning my emergency exit from the island of Manhattan should disaster occur. I've considered buying an inflatable raft to get me across one of the rivers and have wondered if they also make inflatable oars. I've now added one more item on my To Do List for Disaster Planning: "Book a Flight to Japan." Why, you might ask? Well, it turns out the Japanese are exceptionally adept at living in the best possible conditions when they're faced with the worst possible conditions. The NY Times reports: "Evacuees here live in a place that can kennel your dog, charge your cellphone, fix your dentures and even provide that nonnegotiable necessity of Japanese life, a steamy soak in a hot tub of water." Hm... now I'm wondering if they make inflatable planes...

~JP Pullos

Too much fun at the Asian Market

Hi all! Did you have a great weekend? Of course it went much much much too fast. I started the weekend off by going to one of the Asian markets we have in Rochester to get a few little items that I am addicted too. First on my list are these Butter Coconut Cookies that my colleague/friend (who was born and raised in Taiwan) says she grew up on. On my gosh, how I love these. They are the perfect blend of cracker and cookie...not too sweet...so delicious! Mmmmmm.
I have to admit, ever since I tried this Mogami soy milk, I am kind of grossed out by the American variety. This soy is so light and smooth ... totally different than the thick, somewhat grainy texture I am used to. This is just super-delicious!
And how much do you love this little, instant bento noodle box. It's so darn cute I hate to bust into it and have it for lunch. But I must, 'cause these are delicious too! (Now if we could just get a Greek market in town that's half as good as the Asian market...life in Roch. would be pretty good :)


One last look...

...at a beautiful legend. I just saw this picture and couldn't resist positing it ... so very lovely :)

The weekend music mix :)

It looks as though I am all about making regular features more official today. Of course you know, it's Friday (YES!) and you know what that means? Well, of course I am scouring the car radio stations on my 15 min. commute to work, hunting for that perfect song to get the weekend rolling. Today, I caught a little Climax Blues Band. Check out this link from 'Top of the Pops'. Promise...it WILL make your weekend.

Make it an awesome one kids!

Etsy Artist Friday

Regular readers of Ooh La La Du Jour have probably noticed at least one very obvious thing about this blog...we love love LOVE Etsy. What is not to love? It may be the single greatest shopping website. Period. Of course, Ooh La La also really digs anything handmade and that, of course is what Etsy is all about. Because the Etsy related post are becoming far too numerous and random, I thought I might introduce 'Etsy Artist Friday'. We'll feature one (or more) new (and old) faves from the site and wax poetic about all the talent that lurks out there.

So for the first official installment of this new feature, I chose an artist who REALLY speaks to me. Oh boy...stunningly gorgeous drawings of scrumptious foods et al from artist Lucille Prache simply make me swoon. Check out her fabulous website too. 

For this work, the 'coveted' Ooh La La is an absolute must!

행운을 빌어요 (Good Luck in Korean...according to Google Scholar :)

In honor of the amazing news from KJ, a beautiful and vintage red suitcase to symbolize all my wishes for safe travel in your journey to pick up your son. You've waited for this, for so long, I can hardly believe it is happening...and I couldn't be more thrilled. All my love always, Katiep. 
*Beautiful print by Virginia Kraljevic

saying bye for now....

Hi Everyone!
I finally received the phone call I've been dying to get for months...
My Travel Call!
We are leaving this weekend and will be away for the next week....
I leave the blog in very capable hands and I know Katie will do a great job of continuing on with the most fabulous posts!
I will return sometime in the summer...and hopefully a periodic check-in (and photo) will be in order.
See you all soon!

PS:  The above is part of a video we received of little Jack this week...He's apparently a pianist in training!


All you need this summer

I absolutely LIVE for posts like this one on Fashionologie! An absolutely brilliant and affordable list of 8 gorgeous basics that really are all anyone needs to get through the summer. How much do you love the JCrew stripped sweater and the gorgeous back...not to mention those sunglasses and  wedge sandals. Super-swoon. I'll take one of each please!

Kate Loves Japan (don't we all :)

Leave it to Kate Spade to create a bag thay just says it all. Love.

From the sublime to the ridiculous...

The Sublime - You know I love a great soup recipe and I am simply dazzled by this gorgeous Tuscan Bean soup that I spotted on Saveur today. A must for this weekend (which I guess will be chilly...again).

...and The Ridiculous -  Please, please please try to read this review from The Bitten Word of a recipe for Mediterranean Chick Pea Burgers from Martha Stewart's mag. Everyday Food. I (like Zach and Clay from the Bitten Word) absolutely love this Martha publication...mostly because every single recipe is 1) so reliably delicious and 2) so easy. However, when they made this particular concoction, apparently it was less than...well...here's a little bit of the review...

"We took a bite.
Imagine a birds' nest made from twigs, leaves and bits of trash. Now imagine that birds' nest has been sitting inside a" fetid, long-abandoned cabin for a couple years, gathering dust and mildew. Now imagine that that cabin sits inside a deep, dank cave, and that that cave exists in the middle of an unrelenting, century-long sandstorm. Also, there's a really hairy dog in the cabin.
That dog-hair-sand-mold-cave-cabin-nest?  That's what you'll wish you were eating when you take a bite of these burgers.
Seriously, these are monstrously bad. Like, aggressively bad."

Funniest review of a recipe EVER. And a must read for anyone who's attempted a recipe and wondered, 'what did I do wrong?" Well, guess what...maybe you didn't do a thing wrong. Even Martha goofs :)

Can't get enough

Are you guys tired of me and my stripe obsession yet? I hope not because I can't stop...especially when there are simply dreamy pieces like these and great articles on the likes of  Vogue, with hints and tips for ways to make the look it's most chic.

Oh stripes, why must you be so fabulous?

'Awaiting the commencement of the annual spring sale at Bendel's'

This is not the first post featuring Vivienne Strauss' work and it will not be the last. Not so long as she continues producing work like this. I've said it before, but I think I might be happiest living among the ladies she creates.  Could they be more smashing?


It seems a little insane not to acknowledge the passing of the legendary Elizabeth Taylor. Ooh La La Du Jour loves loves loves the Golden Age of Hollywood and who was that era's biggest star but the violet-eyed  beauty. The odd thing is, recently, I've been catching up on a lot of Taylor's classic films via TCM...you know, movies I should have seen but just haven't gotten around to. Films like Butterfield 8, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Suddenly Last Summer. I've also re-watched her in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, Father of the Bride and Giant. It's so easy to get caught up in the tabloid 'Liz', especially if you grew up during a time when she was ever-so-slightly past her prime...but when you watch her, in some of her most famous roles ever, you remember just exactly why she was the star among stars :)

*Great piece on Refinery 29 on '10 Things you Didn't know about Liz'


When I'm right, I'm right

Look who's got the very Birkenstocks I posted on last week as part of their 'Style Scout' link. Nice to know Madewell and I think alike. Just sayin' :)

Something...anything...to brighten an awful, late-winter day

Ah...guess what? It's snowing today. It's 27 degrees. And even though it's March, which means it's still fair game for snow, I can't stand it. Ugh. Over the past weekend, I discovered the Price Rite chain of markets (there is one walking distance from my house) and not only do they have incredibly cheap Chobani yogurt, they also have these $4 bouquets of flowers that really went a long way toward cheering me up during my late winter blues ... love.
Even a had few to put in this fantastic little bud vase that KJ gave to me a few years ago :)

Tea time :)

Looking for the perfect accessories for your next tea party...Forever 21 has just the thing. How cute are these 'tea party' related necklaces? You know, Forever 21 is just genius at one thing I absolutely adore when it comes to jewelry...taking items which you wouldn't necessarily wear and turning them into the perfect little surprise addition to your wardrobe :)

Guest Blog - It's all in the COLOR

To me, what often makes the difference between a thoughtful and a bland outfit all comes down to color. Women's Wear Daily's fashion editor, Alex Badia, put together this wonderfully eye-catching pictorial. My good friend and style guru Darcey Howard says, "Black is not a color." After looking at the delicious results of this photo shoot, I'd have to agree!

~JP Pullos

Guest Blog - Boody Decor

Some people keep scrap books of past events. I, on the other hand, keep scrap books of the future I want. And Meghan Boody's interior design work is definitely going into my scrap book of inspirations for a future home I hope to own one day. The place is tricked out in all manner of genius ways. When I was growing up, one of my favorite parts of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe was that it started out with the protagonists finding a hidden world in the nooks and crannies of the Professor's huge house. Meghan Boody's apartment isn't as big as a mansion, but there are certainly lots of hidden worlds to find. Each room is just wonderfully delightful!

~JP Pullos

Looking forward to this read...

The April edition of the WSJ...featuring Anna. How could it be anything but fascinating?

Via Fashionista

And here is a direct link to the article:)


Guest Blog - Spotlight on Eryn :)

Hi Kids! In keeping with the spirit of our 'Monday 'tradition', I'd like to introduce you all to Eryn, a new guest blogger who Ooh La La Dujour is so very  lucky to have contributing...I have to admit, I am just in love with her first post...take it away Eryn!

I was asked by Katie, a delightful new friend of mine, to be a guest contributor to her blog. What an honor! I’m excited she’s interested in what I might have to say. I was told I could write about anything at all which is obviously a very broad subject! I gave it some thought and came up with a list of some of my very favorite things...
My daughter & her name: My sweet little daughter is 19 months old now; her name is Helen. She is truly the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I adore her more than words can describe (even when she’s not behaving so adorably!). Why is her name a favorite of mine? She’s named after my grandmother who died when I was 12. I have so many wonderful memories of the original Helen (as I now often refer to her). I can only wish she would have lived to be with me through my teens, twenties and beyond.
Jewelry & tea time: I’ve been creating jewelry for a long time, but have recently been spending a lot more time on it. My etsy shop (www.elmtree.etsy.com) is full, I have a couple local shops interested in selling my pieces and I’ll be at Handmade Arcade in April. This is all pretty exciting to me, and I’m also pretty happy about my new routine. As you might imagine, as a mom I don’t have a whole lot of time to devote to jewelry making. So, my new routine is each day during Helen’s nap I make myself a nice hot cup of tea, pull out all my beads and create away. Not only is this time super relaxing for me (sometimes I even light a candle!), but I’m being productive doing something I love. Visit me on facebook (www.facebook.com/elmtreejewelry) for updates on new pieces and the general goings-on of elmtree.

My crazy kitties: I have two cats- a fat orange cat named Roscoe and a calico kitty named Trixie-belle. It’s hard for me to believe, but they’re turning 10 this year. These two have been with me through so much, I just love them! And they continue to amuse me in one way or another on a daily basis. Roscoe, with his clumsiness, lovable antics and need for being petted while eating. Trixie-belle with her sweet meows, love of the radiator and obsession with crunchy snacks. What fabulous felines these two are!
Birds: The birds that visit my yard (my outdoor pets I like to call them) bring me more than a bit of happiness every day. I put out suet this winter and have been attracting a neat little family of woodpeckers. Not to mention the many cardinals, robins, finches, sparrows and blue jays who stop by. And every once in awhile, the pigeon couple shows up. I never get one pigeon or five pigeons, just a pigeon couple. These outdoor pets of mine are just too sweet.

So there you have it - four of my favorites! I could mention more (let’s see….my dashing husband, vintage jewelry collection, vegetarian food and flea market finds to name just a few) but I can’t go on forever. Thanks to Katie for giving me a chance to share what’s on my mind. XO




Really? Really?

Twice this morning, I have seen this story (via The Cut and Yahoo! news) that chicken pot pie (!?!) is the newest 'it' food among the fashion elite. I have no idea why I find this funny and fascinating. Maybe it's because...chicken pot pie...well, is a there a less sophisticated food? Of course this pic of Anna sitting down to a big helping of the stuff is pretty much killing me :)

...iiiiiiiit's TIME!!!! Hello weekend/Hello spring :)

BIG weekend ahead...if you are Chris that is. It's his unofficial birthday party but more importantly, his absolute favorite athlete, Urijah Faber is fighting this Saturday in UFC 128. You know, I've been  listening to him yammer about this fight for like 6 months but it reached a fever pitch this week. Seriously, it's all Urijah, all the time. Those of you who are veterans of 'fight night' know the scoop...but we'll be adding a few newbies to the gathering at Rookies and it should be lots of fun. (Oh and just for the record, the kid going for the title in the main event is a Rochester native. Cool.)
 And while Chris is certainly entitled to his fighting fave, I have my own...check out George St. Pierre, who is not fighting on Saturday but is on the April '11 cover of Men's Health magazine. Trying to get in shape? Then this is a must read...and any excuse to post his pic...sigh.
A new and wonderful pic of Zeus who is clearly ready for....
...the FIRST DAY of SPRIIIING!!!!!!! Which arrives this Sunday. One word...Hallelujah!!!
 *Beautiful photo by Lauri