Guest Blog - Only in Japan

My boyfriend makes fun of me because of I'm constantly planning my emergency exit from the island of Manhattan should disaster occur. I've considered buying an inflatable raft to get me across one of the rivers and have wondered if they also make inflatable oars. I've now added one more item on my To Do List for Disaster Planning: "Book a Flight to Japan." Why, you might ask? Well, it turns out the Japanese are exceptionally adept at living in the best possible conditions when they're faced with the worst possible conditions. The NY Times reports: "Evacuees here live in a place that can kennel your dog, charge your cellphone, fix your dentures and even provide that nonnegotiable necessity of Japanese life, a steamy soak in a hot tub of water." Hm... now I'm wondering if they make inflatable planes...

~JP Pullos

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  1. Honestly JP...I'm not sure when I've been so impressed with a culture. I think I saw this article on your facebook page and was hoping you would do a post about it because it is nothing short of amazing. I've seen stories about shelters that I would seriously consider moving into.

    And p.s. love love love that you are always planning your exit from Manhattan. You know, it's hard to argue with your reasoning. After 9/11, and all these recent natural disasters, I think you are being rather wise :)