saying bye for now....

Hi Everyone!
I finally received the phone call I've been dying to get for months...
My Travel Call!
We are leaving this weekend and will be away for the next week....
I leave the blog in very capable hands and I know Katie will do a great job of continuing on with the most fabulous posts!
I will return sometime in the summer...and hopefully a periodic check-in (and photo) will be in order.
See you all soon!

PS:  The above is part of a video we received of little Jack this week...He's apparently a pianist in training!

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  1. Such wonderful wonderful news KJ!!!!!!!!!!! I could not be happier for you and don't you worry...we'll be here, waiting for you when you return :) I have some fabulous guest bloggers contributing to Ooh La La Du Jour but we'll anxiously be awaiting your return and periodic updates.

    In all seriousness KJ this really could not be a happier time for us all because we are so happy for you!!

    Safe travels and all my love! XOXO Katiep