A NEW week...and a NEW feature on Ooh La La Du Jour

Hi kids! Welcome back from a way-to-short weekend. How was yours? Super stylin, I hope :)  I'm beginning the week with, what I hope will become, a regular, rotating and wonderful feature on Ooh La La Du Jour. For a long time now, I have wanted to invite some of my oh-so fabulous friends et al to contribute to this blog. It seems ridiculous to waste the amazing resources I am lucky enough to have around me. And the premise of this blog has always been pretty simple...that is, sharing info. on the people, places and things we adore.

That said, first up is my dear friend J.P Pullos. First a little background...J.P and first met, 12 or maybe 13 years ago in a screenwriting class at the U. of Rochester. He was a senior, Film Studies major and I was a grad. student, sitting in on the class to get a little extra knowledge on writing a screenplay. J.P and I would go on to work on what eventually became AfterImage. He brought to that (at times infuriating) process the intelligence, dedication and common sense, that I have come to expect and cherish.  During that time we also became great friends. Some of my best memories of J.P. ... moving him to his first apartment in NYC, laughing with him (a lot) , and seeing each other through some of the ups and downs of that time. Today, J.P is a photographer and photography teacher in NYC. He is someone whose good taste and style I have always admired and who I will always love and respect. I am so thrilled to have him participate in this blog  and want to thank him so much. His first post...on Ooh La La Du Jour is the always fascinating...

There's a great story in the NY Times  about how this dress launched Blake Lively onto a trajectory toward being the new face of Chanel. It's really a knockout dress. Previously, Ms. Lively aspired to model for Chanel and was told that Chanel only hires European women. Her response: "‘Well, how great. I’ll be the first then."

- By J.P. Pullos

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