Too much fun at the Asian Market

Hi all! Did you have a great weekend? Of course it went much much much too fast. I started the weekend off by going to one of the Asian markets we have in Rochester to get a few little items that I am addicted too. First on my list are these Butter Coconut Cookies that my colleague/friend (who was born and raised in Taiwan) says she grew up on. On my gosh, how I love these. They are the perfect blend of cracker and cookie...not too sweet...so delicious! Mmmmmm.
I have to admit, ever since I tried this Mogami soy milk, I am kind of grossed out by the American variety. This soy is so light and smooth ... totally different than the thick, somewhat grainy texture I am used to. This is just super-delicious!
And how much do you love this little, instant bento noodle box. It's so darn cute I hate to bust into it and have it for lunch. But I must, 'cause these are delicious too! (Now if we could just get a Greek market in town that's half as good as the Asian market...life in Roch. would be pretty good :)

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