Guest Blog - It's all in the COLOR

To me, what often makes the difference between a thoughtful and a bland outfit all comes down to color. Women's Wear Daily's fashion editor, Alex Badia, put together this wonderfully eye-catching pictorial. My good friend and style guru Darcey Howard says, "Black is not a color." After looking at the delicious results of this photo shoot, I'd have to agree!

~JP Pullos


  1. Well this is so near and dear to me JP because, I am the first one to admit I always err on the side of blacks, grays, camels, khakis, navy etc. I would never be so bold as to even attempt to pull of amazing outfits like these in the pictorial however, I am not a total dope. I do love love love color and for me, it usually means that 'illusive' splash. A bright flower brooch here, a fabulous scarf there...there is no doubt...it really is all about those colors :)

    Great post!

  2. Looking up at my closet (my clothes actually hang above my desk), I can say the same thing about myself. It's a sea of black! I hope to rock color much more in the future - it's always a risk but when it works, it works!

  3. In total agreement JP. I have to work hard not to be afraid of color...because every time I do, it pays off. Thanks for the inspiration. Of course and a New Yorker, you know the value of black. Such a tough habit to break :)

  4. Thanks JP for the quote reference. I know it's a controversial one, esp in NYC. But color effects emotion for the wearer and the viewer. But it does effect how much one wants to and is comfortable with "being seen". It makes a statement about your mood to wear color (or lack there of). "Black is not a color, and it's not your brand". make it a bold day!