From the sublime to the ridiculous...

The Sublime - You know I love a great soup recipe and I am simply dazzled by this gorgeous Tuscan Bean soup that I spotted on Saveur today. A must for this weekend (which I guess will be chilly...again).

...and The Ridiculous -  Please, please please try to read this review from The Bitten Word of a recipe for Mediterranean Chick Pea Burgers from Martha Stewart's mag. Everyday Food. I (like Zach and Clay from the Bitten Word) absolutely love this Martha publication...mostly because every single recipe is 1) so reliably delicious and 2) so easy. However, when they made this particular concoction, apparently it was less than...well...here's a little bit of the review...

"We took a bite.
Imagine a birds' nest made from twigs, leaves and bits of trash. Now imagine that birds' nest has been sitting inside a" fetid, long-abandoned cabin for a couple years, gathering dust and mildew. Now imagine that that cabin sits inside a deep, dank cave, and that that cave exists in the middle of an unrelenting, century-long sandstorm. Also, there's a really hairy dog in the cabin.
That dog-hair-sand-mold-cave-cabin-nest?  That's what you'll wish you were eating when you take a bite of these burgers.
Seriously, these are monstrously bad. Like, aggressively bad."

Funniest review of a recipe EVER. And a must read for anyone who's attempted a recipe and wondered, 'what did I do wrong?" Well, guess what...maybe you didn't do a thing wrong. Even Martha goofs :)

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