Guest Blog - Spotlight on Eryn :)

Hi Kids! In keeping with the spirit of our 'Monday 'tradition', I'd like to introduce you all to Eryn, a new guest blogger who Ooh La La Dujour is so very  lucky to have contributing...I have to admit, I am just in love with her first post...take it away Eryn!

I was asked by Katie, a delightful new friend of mine, to be a guest contributor to her blog. What an honor! I’m excited she’s interested in what I might have to say. I was told I could write about anything at all which is obviously a very broad subject! I gave it some thought and came up with a list of some of my very favorite things...
My daughter & her name: My sweet little daughter is 19 months old now; her name is Helen. She is truly the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I adore her more than words can describe (even when she’s not behaving so adorably!). Why is her name a favorite of mine? She’s named after my grandmother who died when I was 12. I have so many wonderful memories of the original Helen (as I now often refer to her). I can only wish she would have lived to be with me through my teens, twenties and beyond.
Jewelry & tea time: I’ve been creating jewelry for a long time, but have recently been spending a lot more time on it. My etsy shop (www.elmtree.etsy.com) is full, I have a couple local shops interested in selling my pieces and I’ll be at Handmade Arcade in April. This is all pretty exciting to me, and I’m also pretty happy about my new routine. As you might imagine, as a mom I don’t have a whole lot of time to devote to jewelry making. So, my new routine is each day during Helen’s nap I make myself a nice hot cup of tea, pull out all my beads and create away. Not only is this time super relaxing for me (sometimes I even light a candle!), but I’m being productive doing something I love. Visit me on facebook (www.facebook.com/elmtreejewelry) for updates on new pieces and the general goings-on of elmtree.

My crazy kitties: I have two cats- a fat orange cat named Roscoe and a calico kitty named Trixie-belle. It’s hard for me to believe, but they’re turning 10 this year. These two have been with me through so much, I just love them! And they continue to amuse me in one way or another on a daily basis. Roscoe, with his clumsiness, lovable antics and need for being petted while eating. Trixie-belle with her sweet meows, love of the radiator and obsession with crunchy snacks. What fabulous felines these two are!
Birds: The birds that visit my yard (my outdoor pets I like to call them) bring me more than a bit of happiness every day. I put out suet this winter and have been attracting a neat little family of woodpeckers. Not to mention the many cardinals, robins, finches, sparrows and blue jays who stop by. And every once in awhile, the pigeon couple shows up. I never get one pigeon or five pigeons, just a pigeon couple. These outdoor pets of mine are just too sweet.

So there you have it - four of my favorites! I could mention more (let’s see….my dashing husband, vintage jewelry collection, vegetarian food and flea market finds to name just a few) but I can’t go on forever. Thanks to Katie for giving me a chance to share what’s on my mind. XO




  1. Well, this is exactly why I was so happy and excite that Eryn agreed to contribute to this blog. Everything about her is so interesting and so very Ooh La La. I have to say, I am just in love with the pic of the 'original Helen'! Could she be more stylin?!?!

    I'm so excited to have Eryn as part of the Ooh La La 'staff' and can't wait for future posts...and perhaps pic of Roscoe and Trixie Bell...who sound like true characters :)

    Thanks Eryn!!

  2. What a fabulous post!! I have begged Eryn to start her own blog to talk about all the above fabulous things. This really just scratches the surface of the funny and awesome things I get to hear about from Eryn on our runs.

    Wow! The original Helen was so beautiful what an amazing picture!!:)

    I have to hold myself back from buying all the elmtree jewelry, such beautiful colors! And have you ever read the descriptions of her work it is so fabulous, here is one of my favorites: http://www.etsy.com/listing/67360825/seascape-earrings (read the description you will want to buy these beautiful earrings!)

    Such a great post!!:)))

  3. oh my goodness, i just saw these sweet comments now!! how nice of the both of you :) i would love to do more writing like this, maybe more blog posts or my own blog :)

  4. Eryn...you are more than welcome to submit as many blogs to Ooh La La as you would like. Like I said, as the inspiration hits you, just send your thoughts my way! It is so great to have you writing on this blog.

    And I would definitely recommend starting one of your own. You has so many interests and things going on that I for one would definitely be a regular reader of yours. Laura is always telling me Eryn stories...just the other day she mentioned a certain 'black and white' cat who comes to visit. I'd love to hear you take since I don't live near you and can't see you regularly.

    And many many thanks again!