...iiiiiiiit's TIME!!!! Hello weekend/Hello spring :)

BIG weekend ahead...if you are Chris that is. It's his unofficial birthday party but more importantly, his absolute favorite athlete, Urijah Faber is fighting this Saturday in UFC 128. You know, I've been  listening to him yammer about this fight for like 6 months but it reached a fever pitch this week. Seriously, it's all Urijah, all the time. Those of you who are veterans of 'fight night' know the scoop...but we'll be adding a few newbies to the gathering at Rookies and it should be lots of fun. (Oh and just for the record, the kid going for the title in the main event is a Rochester native. Cool.)
 And while Chris is certainly entitled to his fighting fave, I have my own...check out George St. Pierre, who is not fighting on Saturday but is on the April '11 cover of Men's Health magazine. Trying to get in shape? Then this is a must read...and any excuse to post his pic...sigh.
A new and wonderful pic of Zeus who is clearly ready for....
...the FIRST DAY of SPRIIIING!!!!!!! Which arrives this Sunday. One word...Hallelujah!!!
 *Beautiful photo by Lauri

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