ah..you beat me...but it's worth mentioning...TWICE!

I LOVE YELLOW!  It's my go to color....as a nice pick me up, in home decor...yellow just rocks!  How super Kate Spade loves this color as well!!!
And did you see my shoes????  
I'm getting these!
Damn, I love this brand just a bit too much!


  1. Oh my god KJ so totally worth mentioning twice! Tell me we are going to keep discovering awesome things all month too!

    You know I did leave the shoes for you to post since I know they are your babies :) It was tough though...they're gorgeous!

  2. ahhh! you're the best! thanks...BUT there is a small problem w. the yellow tipped flats...they don't come in my size..i usually wear a 5.5 but they only have it starting w. 6....the weird thing is that the fuchsia does come in 5.5! UGGH! figures this would happen to me! i like the fuchsia too so i might get that.... sorry for long comment..just thinking out loud! :)