Guest Blog - Who's That Girl?

A female fashion designer, who's company has revenues similar to Michael Kors, recently gave this quote. After you read it, try to guess who said it. One hint: She's a celebrity.

"I put everything in the line and then it just blows out. We try not to set trends, but you need your trending pieces in every delivery. But those go fast: What you really need is your basics for every type of person. When it comes to other celebrity brands, I think a lot of people do a great job, but it can't be all about them. Everybody doesn't want to just look like the celebrity, because they can't. They just want one element of that style."

Any guesses? The answer is...  Jessica Simpson. That's right - Her clothing line is close to billion dollars in sales per year. That girl you thought was a big airhead grew up to be a fashion powerhouse. Well played, Jessica Simpson. Well played.

~JP Pullos


  1. I read this article and have to admit, I was both stunned and not stunned at all. The quote you pulled from the article is key...and genius.

    As an aside, I haven't really had the chance to peruse the clothing but I have looked at some of the shoes in her collection and while they really aren't my style...some of them are pretty GD cute :)

  2. And truth be told...I kind of love this dress :)