Guest Blog - Intelligent Media (or one more reason I NEED the new iPad)

For magazine junkies like Katie and myself, this is very interesting news indeed. Zite is an iPad app that learns what you like to read and recommends articles. If you're a fan of Pandora, as I am, then think of Zite like Pandora for articles. I'm downloading this app to my iPad as I type this blog post. I don't have a full report yet but my curiosity is definitely piqued.

~JP Pullos

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  1. Holy cow JP!! This is awesome. First of all, probably over a year ago I did a post waxing ecstatic about Pandora (seriously, how would I ever face work without it?). And now this! Total genius.

    And in case you are wondering...my magazine addiction...still raging. But my life is so much easier now...thanks to Maghound...another JP tip and stroke of genius!