Joyeux Anniversarie!

May you have the happiest and sweetest of birthdays KJ!!
My life is so much richer and more wonderful for having you in it.
I don't know how I got so lucky to have met you but I am ever so happy that I did :)
To my most stylish, fabulous, brilliant and hilarious best friend,
Love you always and always and always, 

*Beautiful and delicious photo via megalerie

How 'bout thos SAG awards :)

Confession...I've never actually watched the SAG awards until this year. I don't even know how recently they started broadcasting them to be honest and really, they weren't that exciting ... but I have to say, I did think a surprising number of the gowns were very very pretty. I think my fave may be this super interesting, clean lined, colorful and totally age appropriate little number from Prada's 2011 spring collection that Hailee Steinfeld chose. I was just dazzled by this dress...the cut and style...so fresh and young...the stripes...well, everyone knows how I feel about stripes :)...and the color...ooh la la :)
Also adored Claire Danes in this beautiful, floral by  Louis Vuitton.

*Photo via Fashion Etc.


Did you know...

...that Monday is KJ's birthday?! Happy Birthday weekend KJ! Do something fabulous...eat something delicious (like this incredible NEW Wegmans Ultimate Coconut...I just had a piece last weekend...yum!) and have the absolute best time ever!

Like Mustaches?

Like Valentines? Then these might be perfect for you. So cute!

Happy Friday!

(Shout out to Laura @ Soulrun for this post...'cause she already did it on her Facebook page...it's so good I don't want anyone to miss out :)

So, it's Friday (HOORAY!)...but it's cloudy and gray and cold up here. Sick of winter yet? (YES!) Well, this will cheer you up. Love the O'Jays and  I expect everyone to get  their own 'Soul Train line' going today!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! XOXO


JCrew goes Hollywood

One word only to describe the February 2011 JCrew catalog. WOW!

OK, I just have to say more...just when I'd kind of given up on you JCrew, you pull this out of nowhere. Old fashioned Hollywood glamor, gorgeous photos. I might have to head to the JCrew store after work just for the catalog. Breathtaking!

2nd and 3rd photos via the fabulous Everything Fabulous

Always pining for the beach

I stumbled across the Sturbridge Yankee Workshop site in the first ever issue of Matchbook and what a delight it is! You can't imagine all the unique items they have, including this 'Beach in a can' candle. I have no idea how 'beachy' it is...but you know, I'm willing to give it a try. It sounds simply lovely!

Looks like it might be time for a trip to Forever 21

Just look at all the adorable necklaces Forever 21 has these days!  I have to admit...I just love collecting them...they make me ever so happy :)

Thinking ahead...

Just look at these gorgeous Marais USA cranberry colored flats ... they are so simple and yet, there is something about them I love so much. I'm just picturing them with a whole host of spring outfits, including skirts and skinny jeans. And not that I like to go on about prices but at $64, these just seem like a steal. Love.


All Bundled Up by Caitlin McGauley

I just love this watercolor by Caitlin McGauley via the Lonny Magazine blog. All you need to slog through the winter is right here...special consideration given to those LL Bean boots. I've had them...forever. I will love them...forever :)

Matchbook Magazine debuts + a fabulous (and obvious) LCM

Oh my gosh! Have you checked out the debut issue of Matchbook Magazine?!? I f you haven't, what are you waiting for!? It's fantastic. I got as far as the 10th page and found 12 things I loved...including these adorable bookplates from Etsy shop fifty2forty8studios . I can barely contain my excitement! Any new publication that features a bona fide LCM just 14 pages in, is sure to be a smash hit. Hooray!

One day...you will be mine :)

Cup of Jo's (aka Joanna Goddard) had an absolutely terrific Tuesday giveaway yesterday featuring Erstwhile Jewelry Company and, in particular a gorgeous Hermes painted bracelet. Have I told you lately how much I love Hermes painted bracelets...or how long I've been coveting them? Along with certain Chanel and LV bags, the Hermes bracelet has got to be my most coveted luxury items. Check out their site to see all the colors and styles. Not unlike their scarves, there are seemingly endless choices. Gorgeous...gorgeous...gorgeous.

Beautiful overload

Check out Style.com for a full view of the Chanel Spring '11 collection. Here are a few of my faves. Nearly impossible to choose. My only question...if one has access and can afford Chanel, why on earth would one where anything else?  Karl Lagerfeld = the master.

Maru...the one and only

Everyone has their daily, internet diversion. You know, that 2 minute You Tube video that makes you laugh out loud...even on the most stressful day. Well, if you don't know Maru (and most do) be prepared to fall in love (or die laughing) 'cause this cat is a massive character (not to mention an internet sensation :)

(In this post, the video is a little scrunched. For the full on version, hit this link for Maru)

Happy Wednesday kids!


Nomination Day

How much do you love Oscar Nomination Day? Ooooooh...I love it. The surprises...the non-surprises...the snubs. It's so over-the-top and it's awesome. I don't really have any films I'm pulling for this year. Frankly, there isn't much I'm totally in love with. But I do love that I Am Love was nominated in the 'Best Costume' category (so well deserved but I was afraid a bit too understated...obviously not :) The biggest film surprise for me this year was The Social Network. My first reaction to this film (before I ever even saw it)? Hollywood's shabby attempt to capitalize on a world-wide phenomena. And what is the film? A brilliantly written and acted, fast paced drama, whose players will really kind of make you feel like a dummy. Biggest joke nomination? Dogtooth (from Greece) was nominated in the 'Best Foreign Film' category. Probably my worst film experience of the year. Clearly a pity nomination.

Awards handed out in a few short weeks...cannot wait!

Remember what I said yesterday...

...about those fabulous Spring ad campaigns that popped up the Feb. issue of Vogue. Well, Refinery 29 agrees (or I guess I agree with them :) Great post with pics on the upcoming (gorgeous) campaigns. No kidding, I can't remember when I've loved so many.


A sub-zero weekend :)

I'm not even going to say it...ok, I will. Good lord...-5 this morning. After a weekend of these temps even I...someone who loves the cold and snow... have kind of had it. Still, it was a fun and relaxing weekend. First and foremost, Steelers WIN!! Here we go folks...Superbowl XLV in 2 weeks. I can hardly believe it! Pic above is Chris, bundled up to go and watch the game with our friends Kris and Dan. (And yes, those are his house slippers in his pockets. When you go to a friend's house in Rochester, in January, you have to be prepared :)
'Terrible Towel' out and ready for waving...check.
Made this delicious 'Pinto Bean and Barley Stew' on Saturday afternoon. Perfect for the freezing cold day.

My fave issue of Vogue..without fail

The February issue of American Vogue is out and as always, year after year after year, the February issue just steals the show. I cannot figure out why the February and June issues are always so awesome and the much hyped September and March are a routinely massive disappointment. Oh well...who cares why. The Feb. issue is, as always ...  amazing. I don't even know where to begin (the fabulous Proenza Schouler article perhaps...or no, how about that amazing 'color' spread near the end of the issue...man, even the ads were terrific!) so I decided on this Dior ad featuring a fave model, Karlie Kloss. I can't remember the last time I even paid attention to ads but there are some great ones this time around. Anyway, I've waxed poetic long enough...check it out! It will NOT disappoint!


Anyone for a bike ride?

It might be too cold to head out for a bike ride (unless you are a diehard...Chris, I'm talking to you) but never fear, this adorable bike earrings might satisfy your craving!

The death grip continues (but the weekend is near). Happy Friday!

Another Friday. Hmmmm. Feels like I just posted about an upcoming weekend, like 5 min. ago. Oh well, I'm always too happy to chat about the end of the work week...as you know :) What is the weather like where you are? Is it redundant for me to say that winter has a massive death grip on upstate NY at the moment. I have to say, these past 2 months have been some of the harshest I can remember. There are just no breaks in the winter weather and this weekend is going to be some of the worst. Temps in the single digits during the day and sub-zero at night...and that is not taking into account the always delightful windchill, which is supposed to roar this weekend. But...
...we are near the end of January, and that's something to be proud of. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. NFL conference games are on this Sunday (Go Steelers!) Relax, stay warm and remember, the summer sun is just around the bend :)

*Lovely photo of the lovely Florida sun by Joe

2 Etsy tips( via Laura)

Ooh La La Dujour (like most blogs) is insanely in love with Etsy. I'm actually not sure what we did without it for unique gifts. That said, I spend A LOT of my time trolling the site looking for awesome items and let's face it...easily, 25% of what ends up on this blog comes from these amazing artists et al. And...here are 2 more. These Etsy shops were finds from my sister Laura (herself, an Etsy shop owner and great fan of the site). The tea towels above could easily go in our LCM category. Have you seen anything cuter?!? And you must check out the entire shop of Cyanide Stitches because they have THE coolest stuff.
What else do I need to day about this fantastic necklace? It speaks for itself, doesn't it. Smashing! And again, you simply must look at the other items in the Japonicas shop. You'll want everything...guaranteed!

14 years and counting :)

Congratulations to Wegmans!!!!!!!!! For 14 years in a row, they have made Fortune Magazines list of the top companies to work for (in fact they are consistently in the top 5...# 3 this year). If you are fortunate enough to live near a Wegmans, stop by your fave location tomorrow, Sat. 1/22. They will be serving cake to their customers and employees to celebrate the occasion. (I stumbled across the event last year and it was great fun...the huge, delicious cake didn't hurt either :) Hooooooray!!!!

Sundance '11

Robert Redford officially opened the 2011 Sundance Film Festival (arguably the biggest and most prestigious film festival in the US) this morning at 12:01am. It reminded me that it is now 10 years to the day that we all went to Sundance 2001 to see AfterImage premiere at the festival (it was selected to the competition that year). In spite of an absolutely treacherous driving trip  from Park City, UT back  to Boulder,CO (a trip so horrendous, weather-wise, that Laura and I still don't talk about it...let's just say, it involved me bursting into tears at one point), it was one of the most fun trips I've ever had. The festival has changed a lot in the last 10 yeasr (mostly by getting more expensive) but Park City is such a cozy little town and the festival itself is so well organized that it really is a blast. Going from venue to venue, seeing films, and stopping for a coffee or hot cocoa in between. Great memories.


'All girls like cookies'

The title of this post comes from my friend Chris 'cause he says it ALL the time. On our usual Sunday afternoon jaunts to Wegmans for coffee and something sweet, I always (well, 99% of the time) get a cookie. It's funny because Wegmans has so much to offer, bakery-wise...and yet, it's always some kind of cookie that lures me in.  Chris claims all girls love cookies...he is even so bold as to say that if it wasn't for girls, there would be no cookies (as if no self-respecting man can resist a delicious chocolate chip). So this post is inspired but that remark... and by all the delicious and gorgeous cookies this time of year (Valentines day!!) What do think about the ones above. Spotted on design*sponge, they are Panetone chip cookies. In a word, genius.
From the Etsy shop Sugar and Flour. Gorgeous
Wegmans. Mmmmmmm.
Sugar and Flour...yet again. Lovely.


for a most excellent cause

Could everyone who reads this post do a huge favor for me? It'll only take a few moments of your time, but you will be doing something special for a very worthy cause.
Raise awareness and money for
research and patient care for ALS
Volunteer Erin Jacobs' proposal to the Pepsi Refresh Project was accepted
but in order to receive $25,000 they must be in the top 10. 
Please go to to the Pepsi Refresh Project and vote for Erin's proposal....

Vote once or as many times as you can because every vote counts!

{If you'd like more information about ALS and our local DC/MD/VA chapter of the ALS Association, please visit this page}

Thank you so very much!

All hail...the 'skinny' can

I've been resisting posting anything about this all day ... but I can't help myself anymore. Spotted this completely awesome post on Fashionista this morning about how Diet Coke is and has always been the drink of choice in the fashion industry (mine too!) But here comes Pepsi (diet, I might add) with what might be the best packaging/marketing ploy ever. Dubbed the 'skinny' can, this product, which is not due to hit the shelves until March, has the same fluid ounces and same zero calories as its less stylishly canned counterpart. The idea behind this can..well, I'm not entirely sure... but in theory, the powers at Pepsi seem to think that holding a skinny can can make you look well, skinner. 

I have to say, as much as I LOVE Diet Coke (as KJ says...greatest invention ever) this can is pretty darn good looking. I wonder where we are headed with this Coke v. Pepsi battle :)

*pic of cans from Off The Market


The new face of LV

Such an interesting article in the WSJ on the face of  Louis Vuitton's new advertising campaign. Check out Godfrey Gao, a Taiwanesse-Canadian actor who becomes the first Asian man to represent the company. Isn't he beautiful?! Perhaps the most interesting part of the WSJ bit; one of the reasons LV went with Gao is that Chinese men are out-purchasing their female counterparts when it comes to the LV label. Fascinating.

OK...I'm obsessed

For the number of posts I do on nail color, you'd think I have 10 perfectly manicured nails every day of my life. Well, I definitely do not. But that doesn't make me any less obsessed with nail polish...especially that of the Chanel variety. And how much do I love everyone of these dark, wintry hues? Too much.


The Queen of Spades

I. Love. These. Earrings. Period.

Weekend wrap-up and brrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Hi kids! How was your weekend? Mine was simply lovely. It was so cold up here so other than the gym (and coffee with some dear friends yesterday) I went nowhere!  But I got a lot done around the house which always makes me very happy :) Of course I watched lots of football, including the awesome divisional playoff game between the Steelers and Baltimore Ravens. Go 'black and gold'! Go 'Big Ben'! Who knew the conference game would end up in Pitt after that surprise win by the Jets last night. Love it!!
I told you it was cold! This is what I woke up to this morning. Yikes. Long underwear at work for the first time this year.
Made this absolutely delicious almond biscotti. Had to stop myself from eating it all in one day :)
Watched the Golden Globes last night.I have to admit, I thought 'Hollywood' sounded unusually stupid this year. Maybe it's because the booze was obviously flowing but each acceptance speech was more embarrassing than the last (seriously, Natalie Portman. You had to know you would win and THAT was what you came up with). Normally, I'm all for anyone making fun of these self-important stars but by the end of night Ricky Gervais just sounded like a jerk. Of course the real reason anyone watches (including me) is the gowns and they were pretty dreadful (except for Emma Stone's simple peach frock). Thank goodness for Michael Douglass, whose good humor acknowledging his recent illness, pretty much saved the evening.


One thing we ALL love to do...

Excellent tip and post on Cup of Jo about an absolutely brilliant and beautiful tumblr called Rides a Bike.

*Sophia Loren riding a bike...wow...just, wow.

Snowy weekend

Phew...Friday. I feel like it's been a big week...and maybe for someone who works at a university library, it kind of has been. The 'spring' semester started on Wednesday (I put spring in quotes because it seems ridiculous to call it that...it's been 19 degrees and snowing madly all week...but I digress). I have 2 new student employees (both freshman...both adorable) so there's been a lot of training going on. All in all...I'm pooped. But I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend at home. It's supposed to snow a lot so I'll be hanging out...going to the gym...doing some cooking...some cleaning...some laundry and lots of football watching (Go Steelers!!)

I know you've heard that 49 of the 50 states have snow on the ground...that probably means wherever you are, you're getting a taste of winter. Bundle up..stay warm and have a lovely one!

(Isn't this snowflake photo amazing! Spotted on 20 x 200 by Mike and Doug Starn)