Weekend wrap-up and brrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Hi kids! How was your weekend? Mine was simply lovely. It was so cold up here so other than the gym (and coffee with some dear friends yesterday) I went nowhere!  But I got a lot done around the house which always makes me very happy :) Of course I watched lots of football, including the awesome divisional playoff game between the Steelers and Baltimore Ravens. Go 'black and gold'! Go 'Big Ben'! Who knew the conference game would end up in Pitt after that surprise win by the Jets last night. Love it!!
I told you it was cold! This is what I woke up to this morning. Yikes. Long underwear at work for the first time this year.
Made this absolutely delicious almond biscotti. Had to stop myself from eating it all in one day :)
Watched the Golden Globes last night.I have to admit, I thought 'Hollywood' sounded unusually stupid this year. Maybe it's because the booze was obviously flowing but each acceptance speech was more embarrassing than the last (seriously, Natalie Portman. You had to know you would win and THAT was what you came up with). Normally, I'm all for anyone making fun of these self-important stars but by the end of night Ricky Gervais just sounded like a jerk. Of course the real reason anyone watches (including me) is the gowns and they were pretty dreadful (except for Emma Stone's simple peach frock). Thank goodness for Michael Douglass, whose good humor acknowledging his recent illness, pretty much saved the evening.

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