Snowy weekend

Phew...Friday. I feel like it's been a big week...and maybe for someone who works at a university library, it kind of has been. The 'spring' semester started on Wednesday (I put spring in quotes because it seems ridiculous to call it that...it's been 19 degrees and snowing madly all week...but I digress). I have 2 new student employees (both freshman...both adorable) so there's been a lot of training going on. All in all...I'm pooped. But I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend at home. It's supposed to snow a lot so I'll be hanging out...going to the gym...doing some cooking...some cleaning...some laundry and lots of football watching (Go Steelers!!)

I know you've heard that 49 of the 50 states have snow on the ground...that probably means wherever you are, you're getting a taste of winter. Bundle up..stay warm and have a lovely one!

(Isn't this snowflake photo amazing! Spotted on 20 x 200 by Mike and Doug Starn)

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