A sub-zero weekend :)

I'm not even going to say it...ok, I will. Good lord...-5 this morning. After a weekend of these temps even I...someone who loves the cold and snow... have kind of had it. Still, it was a fun and relaxing weekend. First and foremost, Steelers WIN!! Here we go folks...Superbowl XLV in 2 weeks. I can hardly believe it! Pic above is Chris, bundled up to go and watch the game with our friends Kris and Dan. (And yes, those are his house slippers in his pockets. When you go to a friend's house in Rochester, in January, you have to be prepared :)
'Terrible Towel' out and ready for waving...check.
Made this delicious 'Pinto Bean and Barley Stew' on Saturday afternoon. Perfect for the freezing cold day.

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