The Earl's Lady

Here's a new fave I never saw coming...Lady Grey tea from Twinings. Granted, I am not a heavy tea drinker. You all know my beverage of choice is coffee...coffee...lovely coffee. But in the winter, when I'm home on the weekends (usually holed up due to some weather I don't want to deal with) my drink of choice is this lovely blend. I discovered it, oh six months ago, and it has to be the most delicious, citrusy thing ever.  A cup, on a Sunday with a movie (or these days, an NFL playoff game :) make the loveliest combo. Besides, I also adore this lovely shade of blue box.

*And according to Wikipedia, the 'lady' was the wife of Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey...the namesake of the more famous 'Earl Grey tea'


  1. you know, i haven't tried Lady Grey but have always been intrigued..almost to the point of buying it but then i stop myself because i'm not a fan of Earl Grey!...BUT if you say it's good..well, that's that and i'm getting it this weekend!

    i love the name: "lady grey"....how cool and brit is that???

    i didn't know you weren't a big tea fan..i of course know of your love of coffee but i guess i still thought you liked tea too!

    i love tea! so english, dont you think? i like them bagged or loose..but loose is so fancy, isn't it? the brewing is the best part.....and then holding it!

  2. Actually, I like tea very much...I just don't drink it often enough. And obviously some of it (green) is so healthy for you. (Just as an aside, one of THE best Xmas presents I got last year was one of those boxes with loads of different types of tea. Smashing). Anyway, I really do like tea loads...but it always loses out to coffee in the end.

    That said, Lady Grey is pretty lovely. I prefer it with a dollop of honey...delicious!