You thought I forgot...didn't you?

As per that awesome post on Design Love Fest yesterday, I am posting a pic of the top of my dresser. It might look like a lot of junk but I use every single thing ... that is useable. The photos...well, they are just a few of my absolute faves :) 

Any questions?


  1. katie, i hope you read this comment cause i think the whole post is brilliant..and what i love even more is that i've been thinking about taking a pic of my nightstand/dresser for the.longest.time! can you believe this? well, we tend to think very alike so no big surprise there...but i just think this is too good. love love love your dresser. first of all, it's completely neat. mine is a MESS! well, my dresser is ok but my nightstand is really....dissheveled. and now i feel compelled to post mine next week! i'll take a pic this weekend...and show you messy i can be... but it's interesting to look at. it's just all the things i love...on a very small night stand. anyway, again..love your pics and i think i see a wedding shot there...and i see my lovely mom and pop! so cute! thanks a million for that...and i love all your other objects/photos! lovely lovely! just as i knew you'd be!

  2. Hi KJ!! I hope you get this comment on your comment :) I so agree that the 'What's on your dresser question' is brilliant. Of course I wish I had thought of it...that credit goes to the fabulous folks at the blog designlovefest but they asked the question, so I only thought it would be fair to answer :) I CANNOT WAIT to see your dresser! You must take a pic of it a(and your night stand) and post it. As I recall...you (easily) have the best and most beautiful clutter I have ever seen. I aspire to have clutter like yours. You know, I tend to be a bit of a 'neat and orderly' freak. Everything has to be stacked and lined up perfectly. But after seeing your apartments when you lived here, I realized how little personality my living areas have compared to your. I'll never be able to master your ability to display your things so artfully!

    The 4 pics on my dresser are pretty much my faves...one from you wedding, one from Laura's wedding, an old pic my me and my dad (I as probably 3 years old) and a pic of the Eiffel Tower :)