Sundance '11

Robert Redford officially opened the 2011 Sundance Film Festival (arguably the biggest and most prestigious film festival in the US) this morning at 12:01am. It reminded me that it is now 10 years to the day that we all went to Sundance 2001 to see AfterImage premiere at the festival (it was selected to the competition that year). In spite of an absolutely treacherous driving trip  from Park City, UT back  to Boulder,CO (a trip so horrendous, weather-wise, that Laura and I still don't talk about it...let's just say, it involved me bursting into tears at one point), it was one of the most fun trips I've ever had. The festival has changed a lot in the last 10 yeasr (mostly by getting more expensive) but Park City is such a cozy little town and the festival itself is so well organized that it really is a blast. Going from venue to venue, seeing films, and stopping for a coffee or hot cocoa in between. Great memories.

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