The genius of Gemma ... con't

One of the things I like about Ooh La La  Du Jour is that it reminds me that the slightest things can really make your day. For me, it usually isn't more that a new $5 bottle of body wash that picks up my spirits...and sometimes, the things that we remember most about a day don't cost a single thing. One of my absolute favorite pick-me-ups and reminders of the idea, that life is about the little things (without sounding too cliche) is Gemma Correll's Daily Diaries. We know the woman is a genius with illustration...but she is also completely brilliant (through her drawings and words) at making everything she does seem fascinating. Even a diary entry featuring her riding the couch due to a nasty cold, is totally priceless. Often times, when I'm enjoying a pleasant, if uneventful day, I think about how Gemma might portray it in one of her diary entries...and it makes me smile...because it reminds me how every single day can be joyous...no matter how 'uneventful' you might think it is.

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  1. i love reading her daily diaries too!!! she's way too fabby for words!