here is....my night stand

...Well, here is my night stand.... Again, it's a bit cluttered...but that's just me...I can't seem to make it very organized...but I know where everything is.
I have a small watch fetish so my most favorite ones are right there in the middle....I have various boxes I love....for their shape, color, texture....I love boxes!  I have a Blackapple doll I made (my very first one!) and the little birdie companion....Other pieces of jewelry I tend to wear a lot....I have some stickers in the back that I bought....It's of the cutest Japanese salary man and his daily rituals....There are stickers of him taking the bus, riding his bike, working in the office...So so cute..My beloved snowglobes are in the far back (probably not in view from the pics) and some ads I really like (like the small, delicate Chanel insert I found in a magazine)...and of course my most beloved pics of my son, Jack.  I look at his face each and every night before I turn out my lights....The best!

Hope you enjoy gazing....


  1. OH my gosh...I just want to reach right into this picture and start touching things! SO totally fabulous and this is bringing back memories of the secret snooping I would do whenever I visit you. You just have the best stuff! Your black apple doll is so smashing. (I still have 2 I made for you...I wanted to include them in your Xmas package but they dont' have faces yet...so look for them in a couple weeks for your bi-day :)Well, and you know me...I love boxes and bags and packaging of all sorts too! Now are those 2 Tag watches I see. I remember when you were looking for one. Super fab!

  2. yeah, kinda indulgent on my part..but yes...one black and the navy one (my first one).... cause you know, i either fall into two camps: all black or navy/grey....and it's nice to have my fav watches to coordinate! :)

    oh! SO excited about my dolls!!! Man, whatever you send will ALL go into Jack's room!