here is...my dresser

It's a little cluttered....but that's kind of my style.  I hesitate to call it messy because I know exactly what's on top of my dresser....I called it organized clutter.  :)
I have a few photos from our honeymoon in Greece, a very old photo of B. & I when we were dating (so very long ago), my favorite Hermes boxes from Liberty, a sentimental champagne bottle, Tiffany boxes and small bag, box of Nurofen (generic advil from Boots...B. & I went to Boots every.single.day while in London!  One of my ultimate favorite Brit. stores), Liberty fabric tape from our last vacation to London, my favorite Acqua di Parma box, EmersonMade box & flower, my Leica charger on top of my OhLaLa gold Chanel nail polish box(!), my Liberty for MAC lipstick case box (love the print!), my very favorite souvenir from our Tokyo trip...my beloved Hannari Tofu (only the Japanese could make tofu look so cute), various Kate Spade boxes, collections of miniature vases (way back of dresser!), and last but not least..my wired Eiffel Tower....
So much stuff....but all beloved!


  1. Now this could not be more fantastic. Seriously KJ, if you ever have a garage sale I am there! Better than a sale at Saks! I just love that you treasure everything...no matter how big or small...whether its free or expensive. You see the beauty in so many things and they earn a treasured spot in your life.

    Such a treat to get this glimpse into your home and to see those things that are precious to you :)

  2. god, the stuff looks messy, doesn't it? but i can't help it..unfortunately. i love WAY too many things.... i'll be sure to leave everything to you when i go bye-bye! :)