my fabulous post-christmast package!

Katie! I received my package yesterday afternoon and the timing couldn't have been more perfect!  Our home study update had been postponed until last night and opening up this package before our social worker arrived was just pure joy!..and it made me less nervous about the meeting. 
The contents were awesome (no surprise, of course)!  Some of my favorite goodies were Kris's book/ and gorgeous print and two fantabulous Strawberryluna prints ( and my ultimate favorite..the one I'd been eying this for ages and ages has been he likes to read books written for girls)....   Seeing this particular print (along w. Kris' print) kinda sealed the deal for me in terms of how to decorate the baby's room... I'd been going back and forth on some predominant colors and now I have my ideas all in line!  Super yay!  
It'll definitely incorporate my love of books (which is where the Strawberryluna print comes in!)
Anyway, sorry for being M.I.A.--yet again....but I think I'm pretty settled in the baby front and I can devote more time to our lovely blog!

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!


  1. Hooray!!! I am so glad you received the package KJ and even more happy that you liked it! Kris and strawberryluna (aka Allison Glancey) are 2 of my absolute fave artists these days...I have their work absolutely all over my house, so I know how much you will enjoy your prints! I'm even more excited that you'll be using their work to decorate baby Jack's room! Love this!

  2. OK..Where are my manners?? I think I was just too excited about the contents...and forgot to actually say, "THANK YOU!!!!"..... Loved loved loved everything inside... and the little pins..! so fabulous!

  3. oh!!! and the GARLAND!!! I almost cried because I know I've seen this and LOVED it!! How could I forget to mention this??? I'm telling you...I was just too excited to see each individual item!! That garland is definitely going in Jack's room!!!

  4. Double hooray!! I made that garland but totally stole the idea from a fabulous Etsy artist who I did a post on some time last year (around this time I think). So glad you liked it! Well, you always send the BEST packages and I fear I can never top a single one of them...but I am so glad the timing and contents of this one were enjoyed because you totally deserve everything.

    And more importantly...congrats on getting past one more step that gets you closer to baby Jack!

  5. By the way...so awesome to have you back!!