you can always have another pair of....

I'm kinda set in the mittens dept. but these cute Echo Driver Touch gloves are really irresistable..and quite affordable!
The colors rock!

a few crafty projects

I have a few craft projects I want to get a start on soon....I bought Aranzi Aronzo's The Cuter Book (sample page above) and every page is absolutely adorable!  Everything seems pretty simple and all are made w. felt.
Another project I'd like to tackle this month is the felt garland.  I've been seeing these around the blogosphere and I'm in love with the felt balls!

So here's to a December filled with fun projects!

My NY Trip...

I just wanted to give you an update from my NY trip last week... We had the best time..It had been a very long while since we'd been there and boy did I love being in the city!  I love that drive on I-95 as you come up toward Newark---I even like the traffic!  I start to get that excited feeling...My adrenaline revs up a bit, and my radio is set on 95.5 PLJ (for old times sake!).  I got my fill of all things Japanese by seeing the Yoshitomo Nara exhibit (as shown above) and visiting Kinokuniya Bookstore.  I went crazy with excitement while inside Kinokuniya and for a short while I even thought I was back in Tokyo.  The Nara exhibit was one of my all time favorites!  I had a the biggest grin on my face the whole time....His artwork really speaks to me and I am so glad I had the chance to catch the exhibit.

I also saw the Abstract Expressionist exhibit at MOMA and going into a room full of Rothkos was absolutely amazing! 
Here are some of my favs from the exhibit:

We also decided to try out Eataly, a new Italian food emporium of sorts.....

And I don't want to spoil any Christmas package surprises, but I got this for you, Katie!....at the Strand Bookstore.

All in all a good time was had!!!

for the fashionable bookshelf...


i feel winter is arriving...soon


Somewhere is coming!

Who else is excited about Sofia's newest?!!!

Here's a new interview....

...and finally Christmas @ Katie P's :)

You know, I can't resist posting a pic of my tree...which is up and ready to go. Let the holidays begin!

...and Christmas @ Kate's

I have been looking for a tote just like this forever! Comes in a bunch of colors. Simply fab...but then again we are talking about Kate Spade :)
I don't mean to suggest that I am purchasing this shoe...not sure how much use I would get from it in Rochester, NY ... however that can't stop me from admiring it. I ask you, have you ever, EVER seen a better looking shoe. Aaaah...Kate Spade...you are the best. All this gorgeousness spotted on Refinery 29

Christmas @ Crate and Barrel

To post pics of all the completely wonderful Christmas ornament, decorations et al at Crate and Barrel is ridiculous. It's simple..they have the best Christmas collection. I've said it before and I'll keep saying. Check out their site because it won't disappoint. Here are just a few of my faves...LOVING the white nutcrackers especially...and what about the wellie ornament?!?

#1 in American Cinema (and in Katie P's heart :)

I was watching Casablanca on TCM last night (for the umpteenth time) and you know what...bar none, Humphrey Bogart = Coolest. Man. Ever. Period. How did he do it? There's just no one like him.

Looks like the folks at Fashionista agree. Love this blog post on the most stylish men of the past.


Best Dressed...

Tell me these aren't the best dressed clothespeg dolls you've EVER seen. 

The genius of Jill Bent...spotted on the equally genius poppytalk.

Not to mention this amazing banner and scarf. Jill Bent's Etsy shop is simply sumptuous!

Tres chic!

How much do I love these Sorel duck boots? Almost as much as I love the fact that they (along with the iconic LL Bean Boot) are featured on French Vogue.com

Long...holiday...weekend...wrap up...sigh.

A few highlights from the wonderful holiday weekend included re-watching some classic faves like, The Graduate. Good lord Anne Bancroft...stylish and devilish.  I always forget what an incredible wardrobe this film has.
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Leave it to an Italian to make the best Western film ever. Infectious score...seriously awesome performances and ... again, stylin' wardrobe.
And a little cyber shopping. My new Merrel boots via the always amazing Zappos.   Love!     


It Girl

Fabby Alexa Chung is everywhere..including the NYTimes Style section.


And while we're on the subject...

...a message to all!


Have yourself a very merry pie-filled weekend!

One word ... Dixie

By now, everyone knows I am a massive dog lover...probably the biggest dog lover of all folks who don't have a dog. That said, this is Dixie. I never met her...but I also never heard anything but the most amazing and awesome things about her. Isn't she fabulous?!? This picture looks good enough to be a magazine cover. She was the most beloved dog of a dear friend of Laura's. The inspiration for Laura to get Zeus.

Beautiful girl...who had a beautiful life :)


...hit those stores! Sometimes I think the aptly named (by retailers) 'Black Friday' is actually a bigger holiday than Thanksgiving itself (shame on me for even saying such a thing :) You have to admit though, the deals to be had are getting A LOT of attention. Seriously, how can you ignore what's going on! Laura just told me that the Gap is having a 50% (yes, 50%!!) off sale beginning Nov. 26 at 12am-10am. Aaah...that's amazing. My favorite Black Friday story is from 2 years ago, when Laura and I headed out bright and early (not 3 am early but early nonetheless) and came home around 11 hours later with a million packages each. So fun!! Last year (not on Black Friday, but during the holiday season) we set a record for us at Target...4 hours! Then of course, there was 1997, when I went to visit KJ when she was living in NJ. A days' worth of shopping at the Mall at Short Hills = fabulousness. Man...that's shopping. But without my best shopping buds, KJ and Laura, it probably won't be  a record year for me. I'll be decorating the house and will head out in the evening...just as the diehards are getting tired.

However you plan to spend your Black Friday...make it the most fun ever!

Illesteva...the obsession continues

 If I don't get a pair of Illesteva sunglasses soon...I might go over the edge. Each pair I see is more fabulous than the next. Love the oh-so retro look! 

Everyone's idea of Xmas is different ...and awesome!

Have you checked out the latest edition of the online Rue Magazine. If you haven't, DO! It's really fantastic and full of incredibly colorful ideas. Here's a fave from from the Bright Bazaar's Will Taylor. Smashing!

Tip for the always 'tip-able' poppytalk :)


It's the most wonderful WEEK of the year ... :)

I mega-love the week of Thanksgiving. Work is absurdly quiet. The students get out of town early...as does the staff.  There is food shopping to be done and a glorious 4 day (!!!) weekend coming up. If you can't get excited about Thanksgiving week, then there isn't much that will make you happy. I love this week because I get to catch up with lots of friends who live out of town and come back for the weekend. On Friday, I'll begin decorating for Christmas, including putting up the tree and the lights outside. Of course, no Thanksgiving day would be complete without a little Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade viewing. 

What are your plan? Whatever they are, enjoy this oh-so special time of year :)