A question to KJ?

KJ, you remember my awesome friend Kris M? She and her equally awesome husband are headed to London et al for the Christmas break. Jealously abounds here...but I was thinking that a good way to live vicariously through their travels would be through...what else? Why, shopping, of course. So I was wondering, if you were to request something from someone headed 'across the pond'...what might that something be? 

(No big hurry...they don't leave for a few weeks :)

1 comment:

  1. oh dear! this could get expensive! i am shooting myself for not seriously getting a mulberry bag...but also anything from Orla Kiely is good, Penhaligon if you want something very "british", anything from Liberty!(seriously, even the shopping bag is darling!), victoria & albert museum has THE BEST gift shop...anything from there is very cool.

    will think of others.....