'Mama Mia...'

Another remnant of my weekend in Pitt is that I got a chance to see the movie 'Valentino: The Last Emperor'. Laura said it wouldn't disappoint and it did not. Favorite parts of the film; meeting Valentino's business et al partner of the last 45 years (yes, you read that right) Giancarlo Giammetti. Laura described him as 'fabulous' and she was 100% correct. He is simply lovely...and his occasional exasperation wtih Valentino (who, as you might imagine, can be a bit of a diva) was almost comical as he exclaimed 'Mama mia! when things got a little hairy. Love!

I also love the moment, when the giant Karl Lagerfeld, takes Valentino aside at his grand 45 year celebratory party and whispers in his ear, 'The others are making rags compared to us'. Arrogant? No. Watch the film and you'll see :)


  1. it's on my list! now i have to put it on the top of that list!

  2. So great! I'm so glad you enjoyed this movie as I love it! And Mr. Giammetti does it get better than that Mama Mia! I love him!