My NY Trip...

I just wanted to give you an update from my NY trip last week... We had the best time..It had been a very long while since we'd been there and boy did I love being in the city!  I love that drive on I-95 as you come up toward Newark---I even like the traffic!  I start to get that excited feeling...My adrenaline revs up a bit, and my radio is set on 95.5 PLJ (for old times sake!).  I got my fill of all things Japanese by seeing the Yoshitomo Nara exhibit (as shown above) and visiting Kinokuniya Bookstore.  I went crazy with excitement while inside Kinokuniya and for a short while I even thought I was back in Tokyo.  The Nara exhibit was one of my all time favorites!  I had a the biggest grin on my face the whole time....His artwork really speaks to me and I am so glad I had the chance to catch the exhibit.

I also saw the Abstract Expressionist exhibit at MOMA and going into a room full of Rothkos was absolutely amazing! 
Here are some of my favs from the exhibit:

We also decided to try out Eataly, a new Italian food emporium of sorts.....

And I don't want to spoil any Christmas package surprises, but I got this for you, Katie!....at the Strand Bookstore.

All in all a good time was had!!!


  1. What an amazing post!! The pictures are all beautiful. Looks like you had a wonderful time.:)

  2. OK even thought the pic of the exhibits were amazing ... and the Eataly looks nothing short of spectacular you know I have to start with the tote bag from the Strand...LOVE!! Thanks so much for thinking of me KJ on what looks like a simply wonderful trip. So so jealous :)

    I can't get over the Nara exhibit! It looks like a retrospective and it's so amazing to see these pieces in their true form. Of Rothko is an all time fave for me. Nothing compares to seeing his work in person. So massive and brilliant. And the Eataly ... good lord it looks like you're in Italy. Delicious!

    I (heart) NY!