a review: Lucky (starting anew)

I received my newest issue of Lucky magazine and I have to say, " I like it...a lot!"
I didn't want to like it too much. I still have some allegiance towards Kim France and Andrea Linnet so I didn't want to think the "new" Lucky would be better....BUT I really really loke it.
So far it's pretty darn good.  I can really see Ms. Holley's personality all over the pages...There's just something kinda quirky, fresh, witty...about the copy in each feature....
I love all the advice I've been given already....like blow drying my hair side to side!  Brilliant! Genius!  Why hadn't I thought of that before???  It's just a fun issue and there's meat to it.  

For the past few years I strayed from Lucky because the features just didn't wow me. I didn't like any of the clothes being modeled---too boho for me, perhaps?  Maybe it was also the state of fashion for the past few years because I haven't been too crazy with some of the looks. 
I loved Lucky when it first came out and for the next 3-4 yrs I was an avid reader and subscriber...but around 2005-6 they lost me.  I still liked the structure of the mag, but the clothes/accessories didn't do it for me.  I think the only feature that's stayed consistent throughout the 10 yrs has been the beauty segments.  Those have been very strong throughout and maybe that's why Jean Godfrey-June is still around.  

So maybe change is a good thing. 

Any thoughts on the topic???


  1. Uh oh...I did similar post on this yesterday :)

  2. http://oohlaladujour.blogspot.com/2010/11/lucky-turns-10.html

  3. Was bound to happen eventually 'cause great minds do think alike :)

  4. oh jesus! i know what happened... i read several of your posts all at once and then i just forgot this was included!

    i think i've been in a fog!

    sorry!!! hey, we both like it !!!

  5. Hey, I love that we both posted on this! First of all, it proves, yet again, that we should have a blog together and second, I'm totally with you on this issue of Lucky. We looked at in slightly different ways, but overall, we both loved it :)