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This months Fitness magazine (which I'm totally addicted to, by the way...thank you Maghound ;) printed a question by a reader that I thought was pretty interesting. It was followed by an answer and accompanying pic which was equally interesting. So, the reader wanted to know what might be a good look for someone who runs errands after a workout. She was concerned about looking like an extra from an 80's fitness video and wanted a look that might be little more chic. I have to admit, it never occured to me to look like anything but a recent gym-rat when running errands after a workout (which I do ALL the time). Fitness put together this awesome post-workout outfit that was such a cool mix of  'just went to the gym' and chic that I've been kind of obsessed lately. Rather than your typical warm-up or fleece type jacket, they suggest a bomber jacket, or something like the one above with a cool tee and a pair of black workout pant (capri or other slim fitting style). What do you think? The jacket above is from Target so it won't break the bank and I have to admit, I kind of like fitness mixed with style.

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