Independent filmmaking 101

Ever dreamed of making a film? Well, with the advent of digital filmmaking, now pretty much anyone with a camera can. But back in the late 90's you still had to do it the old fashioned way...by trying to get financed (well, you have to do that today too to be honest). In the mid to late 90's, when I met Chris, he was trying to get a film financed. I thought that was kind of cool. I certainly didn't know anyone before who tried to make a movie. During the trials and tribulations that comprised the making of Seeing in the Dark (or as it is now know AfterImage) a videographer filmed all that went on in that process. After all these years, it has finally made its way to You Tube. The 1st installment is above (with 5 others if you are interested). I imagine there will be more to follow. The 6th 'webisode' ends sometime in mid-'98 and the movie wasn't made until the Spring of 2000. Hold on 'cause it's a VERY bumpy ride :)

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