here's my card....

I have been thinking about getting calling cards made for about a good 10 years!  Seriously, it's taken me this long to actually do it!  Years ago, I bought a set of pre-printed (blank) calling cards from Kate's Paperie (this is when I actually still lived in NY!) and thought, "how cute if I printed my number/email on them and pass them out".... I think at that point calling cards weren't all the rage yet.  So flash to the present:  I am going to have them made--finally!

Rifle Paper Co. has a new template illustrated calling cards option and I am going to take the plunge.  The most difficult thing will be choosing which cute "head shot" I want on the card!  I love these so much... I think I might have a hard time handing them out to just anyone I meet...I'll have to screen them out first to see if they're calling-card-material ( you know, like Elaine and her sponge.... I am on a Seinfeld roll today!)

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  1. So glad you took the plunge because these make so much sense and are so much more smashing that jotting info down on a ripped piece of paper.

    I must have one!!