J.Crew Favs for Fall......

Arrow Sweater Jacket (mine in black...of course)

J. Crew Kerrington
I received the best package yesterday.....my new Arrow Sweater Jacket is awesome!  I love love love this hybrid sweater/jacket and it holds up very well to the chilly weather we've been experiencing in the DC area.  It was 37 degrees this morning and I fared quite well during my 10 min. walk from my car to the library!  The other item that I received was the black Kerrington flats, which now seems to be sold out (but you never know!  Things mysteriously "re-appear" sometimes).  I was a bit disappointed in the shoe box this time around (usually they're in very cool neon pinks/yellows with gold trim lettering), but was thoroughly happy with the product inside.  

It's amazing what a good shopping purchase can do for your mood!  Now...if only I could bottle this feeling!


  1. The sweater is completely adorable! So I am all about substantial sweater/jackets now. Ever since I got my beloved Patagonia sweater jacket ... which I really want to wear everday ... I have been sold. It's been too cold for just a sweater up here though. I was 31 this morning. Finally had to break out an actual coat, winter scarf and GLOVES!!

    Oh, and the shoes...adorable!

  2. Can't believe I forgot to comment on the feeling of a good purchase. Seroiusly KJ...that feeling needs to bottled and put on the market. That is half the reason I am so looking forward to my trip to Pitt this weekend. The shopping!! Thinking of getting a new Longchamp bag...but also have so many other things on the list :)

  3. oh! i'm looking forward to your trip too---just cause it makes you so happy!!! i know you'll have a fabby fabby time!!!
    and who doesn't need another longchamp bag??? i love them so much too!!! i say the more the merrier!

    i'm telling you, i am so pleased with myself today and i swear i don't have many days like that anymore (when it comes to me and clothes)...i'm so tempted to buy it in another color! that's a sure sign of loving something a bit too much!