...hit those stores! Sometimes I think the aptly named (by retailers) 'Black Friday' is actually a bigger holiday than Thanksgiving itself (shame on me for even saying such a thing :) You have to admit though, the deals to be had are getting A LOT of attention. Seriously, how can you ignore what's going on! Laura just told me that the Gap is having a 50% (yes, 50%!!) off sale beginning Nov. 26 at 12am-10am. Aaah...that's amazing. My favorite Black Friday story is from 2 years ago, when Laura and I headed out bright and early (not 3 am early but early nonetheless) and came home around 11 hours later with a million packages each. So fun!! Last year (not on Black Friday, but during the holiday season) we set a record for us at Target...4 hours! Then of course, there was 1997, when I went to visit KJ when she was living in NJ. A days' worth of shopping at the Mall at Short Hills = fabulousness. Man...that's shopping. But without my best shopping buds, KJ and Laura, it probably won't be  a record year for me. I'll be decorating the house and will head out in the evening...just as the diehards are getting tired.

However you plan to spend your Black Friday...make it the most fun ever!

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