Sailing Away to Key Largo

I am really feeling homesick for Key Largo, Florida these days. Yes, I am still complaining about the less than ideal summer weather we are having in Upstate NY but also because it is easily my favorite place on earth. If you haven't been, there are not really words I can use to describe it. Nothing, not even gorgeous photos by my brother-in-law (this one included), can do it justice. As a vacation spot, it has everything. As the northern most Key, it is perfectly located between Miami and Key West but I can guarantee that you probably won't feel the need to travel to either location. Key Largo has it all. I'm counting the moments till I can get there again.

Something to brighten a dreary summer day

So far, the summer weather in Rochester, NY has been, well, not very summery. It's been rainy and cool and frankly, an awful lot like March (minus the snow) in upstate ... not June. The only thing, these days, that is keeping me in the summer mood is my favorite warm weather drink at Starbucks, the Shaken Iced Tea Lemonade. With another gray, dreary day on tap, I'm pretty sure I am going to head out for this perfect blend today.

One of Victoria's many great secrets

You already know I am a self-proclaimed lip balm junkie. This week, I am totally hooked on these 2 lip balms that are part of Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush line. My sister gave them to me for my birthday and I just can't get enough. I am torn between the one with a hint of tint and the natural colored variety. Either one you choose has a silky texture and minty flavor that is a delight.


365 Everyday

I'm really not that impressed by super expensive products. I am impressed by inexpensive gems that do the job of their pricey counterparts twice as well. This perfectly describes the '365 Everyday' line found at Whole Foods. While browsing the aisles of this, in my opinion, overpriced organic food mart, keep an eye out for the '365' label. My favorite are the body and shampoo products but this line is good in every form. From garbanzo beans to cereal, each and every product is top notch and second to none.

Once you've tried it, you'll never go back

I think I should warn you, once you take my advice and try Fage, the yogurt imported from Florina, Greece, you will never be able to eat any other yogurt again. Say goodbye to Dannon and Stoneyfield Farms...you won't even be able to refer to them in the same breath as this Greek import that is as rich and thick and flavorful as anything you've ever eaten. Try the variety with cherries (simply add them to the top ... don't mix) and you'll have the most heavenly treat this side of the the Acropolis. The only drawback...it's imported and therefore, not cheap...but worth every savory bite.

Ask Jeeves

I am rediscovering this British comedy television series adapted from the P.G. Wodehouse series of stories on the the empty-headed, yet filthy rich Bertie Wooster and his always well-informed valet Jeeves. Starring Hugh Laurie (of 'House' fame) and Stephen Fry, this series, which ran from 1990-93 is brilliant in just about every way. Perfect casting, witty dialogue and incredibly high production value (gorgeous sets and wardrobe) make this show a gem worth tracking down through Netflix or at the local library. I bought the complete set for my mom as a mother's day gift. It did not disappoint!

Oh Sadie...

Aside from my sister's dog Zeus (and a few assorted others...Mutombo, Milo and dear Wallace) Sadie may be the dog 'love of my life'. She is a Scottish Terrier and steals the show every where she goes. Whenever I see her, I have to talk myself out of getting one just like her. She's simply fabulous...and she knows it!

joSH AGle

I've been an enormous fan of the work of artist Shag (joSH AGle) for many years now. I was first introduced to his work my my sister and her husband and was instantly hooked. Influenced by the graphic art in advertising of the 50's and 60's Shag apparently never had intention for his work to be seen in galleries around the world. Now his prints are almost untouchable (I know...I've looked). What draws me to his work? Well, I love clean lines in everything, I love the almost kookly characters that inhabit his work, I love his color palate, I love the tiki-lounge world where his subjects hang out, I love the humor in his work and of course I love the oh so stylish women. At this point, I'd give my right arm for a lithograph, but I'll settle for the cool books filled with replicas of his art.



Oh.my.gosh. This has got to be one of the cutest pics EVER! It's from superbomba through flickr. I have pretty strong feelings about pigeons, usually not the most favorable. I think they're pretty worthless most of the time and this picture just says it all!

Grey Gardens

Have you seen this HBO version of Grey Gardens? I think the DVD comes out sometime in July and I'm hoping to catch it then. I wasn't sure if Drew Barrymore could pull off the character of Little Edie Beale.... I do adore the poster for the film though...esp the turquoise background to Drew's red/navy head scarf.

M. Sasek

I have a particular fondness for children's books, especially the works by M. Sasek. I think it's the illustrations that get to me most of the time. They tend to be executed beautifully with very little words involved. They speak to you visually and keep you animated until you're left wanting more... I just noticed that This is Greece has been re-issued recently and can't wait to get a copy.

The Elements of Maira Kalman's Style

Reading Maira Kalman's illustrated blog in the NY Times is always a treat. She has a sort of joie de vivre that's very infectious. I always feel a bit more uplifted after reading her column and I always look forward to reading about where she'll go next...

Sweet summery delight

This dessert screams out "summer!"...I haven't made it yet, but came across it while reading the kitchn section of Apartment Therapy. Here's the recipe from Gourmet magazine.
I'm going to try it out this weekend and let you know how it goes. From scanning the recipe, it looks very simple and that's what I love---something that takes very few ingredients but delivers a beautiful end result!
Update: I made the dessert last night and it turned out great. The only thing I'd change would be adding a bit less sugar than recommended.

Eye Candy

I love this movie poster....although I'm not quite sure how much I love the actual film.... I happened to stumble upon it while flipping the channels last night and decided to watch it again (well, more like continue it--because I never finished it the first time around).... The storyline is quite disjointed, but maybe that was the charm of the film. The characters are gorgeous and maybe that's enough sometimes...

Judge a book by its cover...

How cool is this? Ruben Toledo has illustrated three covers for the Penguin Classics Deluxe Editions. I'm a big fan of Toledo's work and an even bigger fan of Brontë and Austen.....Can't wait to get my copies in August, even though I already own mutiple copies of Wuthering Heights and Pride and Prejudice! (That's what you get for being a sentimental English major) I'm even contemplating buying another copy of The Scarlett Letter because the cover is so gorgeous!

Queen Anna

Another film I'm excited to see is R.J. Cutler's The September Issue, a behind the scenes doc about Vogue & Anna Wintour.
Here's a sneak peek! (Release date 8.28.09)



I've been waiting for Coco Avant Chanel to come to theatres and it looks like there is an official date now---limited release date of September 25th. Here's the French trailer.


Wimbledon 2009

My absolute 2 favorite weeks in sports began yesterday when match play commenced at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, the host of Wimbledon. This year, I will, once again be cheering for Roger Federer who has the most beautiful game I have seen since I became a fan of tennis, well over 20 years ago. In addition to being a brilliant athlete and gentleman, Federer has brought a certain elegance back to the game. He is easily the most stylish athlete I have seen in years. If you don't believe me, just check with Anna Wintour...he's a favorite of hers too!

Update: So you have probably all heard that Roger Federer won his 6th Wimbledon title and his 15th Grand Slam tournament, surpassing Pete Sampras' record and solidifying his claim as the greatest tennis player of all time. The match was nothing short of spectacular. The longest in Grand Slam history. I feel lucky to be a fan of tennis during the 'Roger Federer' era. His game is gorgeous, he is humble...he is a true ambassador for the game and for sports overall.

A True Classic-Lacoste

I had to submit a post for Izod Lacoste Pique Polo shirts. Ms. Macaron turned me back onto this simple classic a few years ago and since then, I have rediscovered this gem. Just this morning, I saw a fabulous girl wearing one in pale pink. She paired it with a lovely black skirt...needless to say, she looked like a million bucks!


Pure Natural Organic

If you've never tried products in the J/A/S/O/N line you are really missing out. Inexpensive and easily available in the organic section of higher end grocery stores (Whole Foods, Wegmans) Jason products are nothing short of heavenly. Begin your experience with the Rose Water Body Wash or the Chamomile Hand and Face Wash. You won't want any other products in your shower.


J.Crew Catalog

KatieP has already done a great entry about J.Crew, but I wanted to add my own fondness for all things J.Crew, especially their catalogs. I love getting the J. Crew catalog each and every month. I even save different issues, just as I would any other real magazine publication that I covet. What I love about the catalog is that I like to escape into character and imagine I can carry off wearing many of the outfits I would normally not wear in real life. Sometimes I like to imagine that I can look as good as those perfectly coifed gals and get away with wearing three inch heels. I'm a flats girl all the way, but sometimes I like to dream....

RIP Domino

Domino magazine is still my favorite home decor magazine. It seized publication earlier this year and I still mourn its loss. I recall the very first issue. I have two copies of it so I should know it from cover to cover. I actually know every issue by heart. I loved peaking into the homes of designers & celebrities (usually the cooler celebs), the monthly tidbits on how to find the perfect couch or rug, and all the lovely tasteful tchotchkes one could buy through great indie shops and box stores.
Thanks for all the memories, Domino!

It's all connected...

OK....It's really amazing the things you can find when you start going through blogs....It's a never ending click from one great blog leading to another... I have no idea how I got to this latest one but I wanted to share. English Muse is delish! Via English Muse I found this great tribute to all things Sofia.
Have fun!!!

I heart NY Times

I have to admit that when I read the NY Times, I go straight to the Style section first. Don't get me wrong, I'm very interested in reading all about foreign policy and the state of the health care system in America, but I still read the Styles first. I love the NY Times....Nowhere else can you read about the cardigan as the new comfort fashion find in NYC and also learn how to take care of an aging parent in the sandwich generation. I love the paper version, even though I end up reading the online version more often than not for the convenience factor. There's just something about picking up the Sunday issue and leafing through all the sections. I love reading about and seeing photos of all the fashion trends in NY and then finding out who or what is on the cover of the Sunday Times Magazine. Nothing beats the NY Times...

Hey, that's my bike!

So I got a bike on Saturday... Her name is Cupcake. She's the Townie Electra bike. I'm a little rusty because I literally have not been on a bike in over two decades (except for riding on surrey bikes on Sanibel Island & that doesn't really count)
. I feel giddy, excited, and petrified all at the same time when I look at Cupcake. Petrified because I'm scared of falling off my bike, but I know I'll still come back to it because I love feeling like a kid again! Plus, she's really gorgeous to look at!
I love you, Cupcake!

Bon anniversaire KatieP.

Happy Happy Birthday, Katie! I hope you're having a fabulous weekend with Laura and the rest of the gang..... Happy Sushi Party!
Love you tons,
Ms. M
{photo via Buttercup Bake Shop}


Blanca Gómez

I love Blanca Gómez's work. The vibrant colors and those balloons. Well, I also have a thing for perfectly circular balloons! I love her shop. Take a peak when you get the chance!

Havaiana Summer

It wouldn't be summer if havaianas weren't around! I have loved my havaianas for many years... They're the real deal.... made from real rubber. They're a bargain and last just about forever. I must admit I have a huge flip flop fetish and I love it that they keep coming out w/ great colors and designs each year.

Carolina Jr.

Aaaaah....Carolina Herrera Jr. Where to begin? If she were a flower, she'd be a peony...full and bright and glorious. She is someone, who no doubt, shows up continuously on blogs, praising her for her amazing style. I've never seen a magazine spread of her that I did not want to jump inside of and become her. I still have a brown and pink stripped Old Navy sweater that she once wore in Lucky Magazine. My version is kind of old now...but I keep it because it is the one thing she and I both own. She might just be my all-time style hero.

One Stylin' Chic

I have to acknowledge my super stylin' sister,on her birthday! In addition to Ms. Macaron, Laura is my style inspiration. Whether she is running (her fave) hiking, biking or just out and about she is always fabulous!



I love Paris. I fell in love with Paris even more when I
found Ladurée for the first time. Their macarons are heavenly to taste and to look at. The packaging, decor, just about everything in this lovely store is beautiful. I plan on doing a series of postings on Paris and share my favorite places to visit whenever I'm there.
Bon appetit!

New Carmex

I am a lip balm junkie. That said, I am super excited about the new and improved version of my favorite winter lip lifesaver. I hear it's available exclusively at Walgreens. I'll be purchasing it later today. Review to come!


Loving strawberryluna...an artist team out of Pittsburgh, PA.

Chic Bunny

J'adore, Fifi Lapin! Her fashion sense is always right on the dot...and she has the most amazing wardrobe.

Serge & Jane

My newest fascination is w/ Serge Gainsbourg....Jane Birkin isn't bad either. There's just something so interesting about him----He's another person who just exudes coolness...

17 Years of Undying Loyalty

For almost 2 decades, I feel inextricably linked to the company that started out predominantly as a mail-order catalog. JCrew is now famously known for dressing the first lady...a far cry from the days when they specialized in khakis and mix-and-match bathing suits (both of which they still do, oh so well). I have to admit..I miss those days. Classic styles, reasonable prices and great quality were just a few of the reasons I fell in love with JCrew many years ago. I still remember my first purchase in 1992...a simple gabardine skirt that I am wearing to this day. Since then, there have been other items I simply cannot part with...the lug sole, Mary Janes circa 1995...the soft leather Oxfords circa 1998. A lot has changed at JCrew in the last 5 or so years. It's far more expensive...much trendier. But the quality is still there...the attention to detail is top notch and even though I complain about their new image, and worse yet, their new prices, I will always be a JCrew devotee.

And while we are on the subject of fabulous people...

...let's talk about you Ms. Macaron.
Anyone who pays attention to this blog should know that Ms. Macaron and I have been friends for almost 14 years. We met as graduates students in English and rather than bonding over literature, it was our mutual love of J.Crew, among many other wonderful things, that brought us together. Since then, Ms. Macaron has never failed to be anything less than smashing. From her amazing taste in clothes and accessories, to her knowledge of art and film, to her admitted love of 'junk' and all things pop culture related, Ms. Macaron is always in the know. Read this blog and I promise, no one will ever be able to out do you. You will always be up-to-date on the latest and the coolest...in everything.



Since this blog is about everything & everyone that I adore... I had to place KP on the list! You're simply the best!



Sofia Coppola
Where else to start but with my idol. Sofia Coppola.
Love this photo! She has this coolness that transcends coolness, non?
Essentially I guess this is going to be about my favorite things, people, etc...
It's more of a record for myself and my best buddy and whoever else wants to see what I am loving at the moment. Hope you enjoy! xoxo, Ms. Macaron!