Ask Jeeves

I am rediscovering this British comedy television series adapted from the P.G. Wodehouse series of stories on the the empty-headed, yet filthy rich Bertie Wooster and his always well-informed valet Jeeves. Starring Hugh Laurie (of 'House' fame) and Stephen Fry, this series, which ran from 1990-93 is brilliant in just about every way. Perfect casting, witty dialogue and incredibly high production value (gorgeous sets and wardrobe) make this show a gem worth tracking down through Netflix or at the local library. I bought the complete set for my mom as a mother's day gift. It did not disappoint!


  1. i have this on my list of "must see" but never get to it.... now i should really get to it!

  2. Check it out Kelly...it won't disappoint and you will not even recognize Hugh Laurie.