17 Years of Undying Loyalty

For almost 2 decades, I feel inextricably linked to the company that started out predominantly as a mail-order catalog. JCrew is now famously known for dressing the first lady...a far cry from the days when they specialized in khakis and mix-and-match bathing suits (both of which they still do, oh so well). I have to admit..I miss those days. Classic styles, reasonable prices and great quality were just a few of the reasons I fell in love with JCrew many years ago. I still remember my first purchase in 1992...a simple gabardine skirt that I am wearing to this day. Since then, there have been other items I simply cannot part with...the lug sole, Mary Janes circa 1995...the soft leather Oxfords circa 1998. A lot has changed at JCrew in the last 5 or so years. It's far more expensive...much trendier. But the quality is still there...the attention to detail is top notch and even though I complain about their new image, and worse yet, their new prices, I will always be a JCrew devotee.


  1. great post on jcrew.....! what's a list w/o our favorite???!!!

  2. Well exactly...it's my retro post to an old fave.