Once you've tried it, you'll never go back

I think I should warn you, once you take my advice and try Fage, the yogurt imported from Florina, Greece, you will never be able to eat any other yogurt again. Say goodbye to Dannon and Stoneyfield Farms...you won't even be able to refer to them in the same breath as this Greek import that is as rich and thick and flavorful as anything you've ever eaten. Try the variety with cherries (simply add them to the top ... don't mix) and you'll have the most heavenly treat this side of the the Acropolis. The only drawback...it's imported and therefore, not cheap...but worth every savory bite.


  1. of course you know i'm a big fan, but i just tried the bonne maman peach preserve w/ the plain yogurt...yummy!!! and i even added some walnuts. so good! usually the preserve is too sweet, but w/ this yogurt it's a perfect combo!i should try the cherry flavor.... thanks!

  2. holy cow, katie! i just tried this yogurt last week when i made a cucumber soup and really wanted something tangy and not very liquid-y, if you know what i mean. i took a little taste from the container before adding it to my soup ingredients and fell instantly in love. super delicious!