J.Crew Catalog

KatieP has already done a great entry about J.Crew, but I wanted to add my own fondness for all things J.Crew, especially their catalogs. I love getting the J. Crew catalog each and every month. I even save different issues, just as I would any other real magazine publication that I covet. What I love about the catalog is that I like to escape into character and imagine I can carry off wearing many of the outfits I would normally not wear in real life. Sometimes I like to imagine that I can look as good as those perfectly coifed gals and get away with wearing three inch heels. I'm a flats girl all the way, but sometimes I like to dream....

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  1. So well said Ms. M. The catalog is an entity all of its own and it's one of the few I get that I still look at and treasure. I too, look forward to getting them the way one look forward to the latest issue of a their favorite magazine.