And while we are on the subject of fabulous people...

...let's talk about you Ms. Macaron.
Anyone who pays attention to this blog should know that Ms. Macaron and I have been friends for almost 14 years. We met as graduates students in English and rather than bonding over literature, it was our mutual love of J.Crew, among many other wonderful things, that brought us together. Since then, Ms. Macaron has never failed to be anything less than smashing. From her amazing taste in clothes and accessories, to her knowledge of art and film, to her admitted love of 'junk' and all things pop culture related, Ms. Macaron is always in the know. Read this blog and I promise, no one will ever be able to out do you. You will always be up-to-date on the latest and the coolest...in everything.


  1. Ms. KatieP!
    you're fabby! you're WAY too kind to me, of course, but i am thrilled we are doing this little project together!
    Ms. M (i always did like M from Bond!)

  2. I especially love M from Bond now that she is Judi Dench...and who doesn't love the new and improved James Bond, Daniel Craig.