joSH AGle

I've been an enormous fan of the work of artist Shag (joSH AGle) for many years now. I was first introduced to his work my my sister and her husband and was instantly hooked. Influenced by the graphic art in advertising of the 50's and 60's Shag apparently never had intention for his work to be seen in galleries around the world. Now his prints are almost untouchable (I know...I've looked). What draws me to his work? Well, I love clean lines in everything, I love the almost kookly characters that inhabit his work, I love his color palate, I love the tiki-lounge world where his subjects hang out, I love the humor in his work and of course I love the oh so stylish women. At this point, I'd give my right arm for a lithograph, but I'll settle for the cool books filled with replicas of his art.

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