Fromage :)

The latest from the blog Paris V. New York: a tally of 2 cities...perhaps my favorite of them all ... love.

Library Treasury - LCM

One of my absolute favorite Etsy shops, brideblu, created this treasury called 'Meet me at the library'. Tell me isn't the perfect selection from various Etsy shops for the librarian in all of us :)

Drooling over Prada...once again

You know, I almost like it better when Prada has a collection that I'm not in love with...but no such luck right now. Their current ad campaign...insanely gorgeous. Just look at this ad I spotted over the weekend in the March '11 Vogue (which is pretty amazing, by the way). From the stripped dressed to the gorgeous bags...to those fantastic finger wave cuts (my bias again :)...this is perfection.

The obligatory Oscar post

Funny thing...my heart is not totally in this post ( I must be channeling  last night's performance of James Franco...Mr. 'I'm too cool to be here'). Did you watch the Oscars? Well, of course you did...it's the Superbowl of film. Even if you haven't seen a movie all year, you watch this show...and you are barely ever rewarded for your effort. Or worse yet, you go to a  party, where you pretend to be at the Oscars. Seriously people...why?

Anyway, last night seemed particularly painful because, in the end, you at least  have the gowns to gaze upon. And without fail, even during the most god-awful ceremonies, I find at least one dress that dazzles (remember, Maggie Gyllenhaal's Dries Van Noten from last year?). This year...well, I selected a couple pics (Jennifer Lawrence, in the first pic... and Hailee Steinfeld ). Oh and Michelle Williams...who was smashing in Chanel, but  I'm  partial to her because of that adorable short cut she does so well. All looked lovely with beautiful hair, makeup and the perfect accent of jewelry...and their gowns...simple and wonderful choices for them.That's it for me. I appreciate the effort  of Cate Blanchett, Marisa Tomei and Nicole Kidman...they took chances and while none quite worked, I won't forget the gowns any time soon. Contrary to the 'peanut gallery' I hated Reese Witherspoon (so so totally boring), Gwenyth Paltrow (giant roll of aluminum foil) and Penelope Cruz (who I just can't stand period). Everyone else...Mila Kunis (beautiful girl), Scarlett Johansson (aka, the red, hot mess...yeah, we get it...you're sexy...now stop acting like that), Halle Berry ...eh ... you will never, ever be remembered beyond this morning.

*One more thing...if you really want to know who killed on the red carpet, check out the fashion blogs, like The Cut and style.com/... and best of all Andre Leon Talley from Vogue . I don't agree with everything he says but he's so good, he may just change my mind ... and for a totally different take, read Eric Wilson's column from the NYTimes, which I have to say, is pretty spot on. Oh and stay away from stupid shows on E! hosted by uttlerly clueless minor-celebrities.


Liberty + JCrew = Answer to my dreams

When did Liberty and JCrew come together? I don't know and  I don't care. All I can say is...brilliant!

Dionysus :)

I'm not sure it's possible that I could love this print more. As the artist, Amber Alexander, put it so perfectly,

'Beautiful little Greek Squirrel God of carnival, ritual madness, and joyful worship' 


When 2 faves come together...

...I actually already have a brand spakin new Stila Convertible color compact (if you haven't tried it...lip and cheek color in one...love!) but how can I resist picking up this...Stila for JCrew...so fabulous!

Make it stop...

Seriously Rochester...seriously...more snow...wind...cold....and on a Friday.


new miss dior cherie commercial

For the library - LCM

I am absolutely mad about these agate bookends...featured in a post on design*sponge, that I am equally made about (thanks to Laura for the tip :)

Oscar winners

Kind of a fun post on Fashionologie on their 37 favorite Oscar gowns of all time. Among other things, it's a very interesting trip down Oscar-memory lane. Is your fave on the list? Here's one of mine...


...of course. Complete perfection.
Via The Sartorialist (also, of course)

what's old is new again

I've been really impressed with Cole Haan's new ad campaign for spring....When I first saw the ad (green shopper on left) I first assumed it was Kate Spade, but then I did a second glance and realized who it was...It's so simple, sharp, and....just understated. 
Love it!

paris vs ny

Man, Anna is everywhere lately!

best news i've heard in weeks....

I really needed to hear good news from ...somewhere..anywhere!...and it seems this might have to do:  Apple is holding an "event" on March 2nd to unveil the new iPad2!
I've held off this long and thank god it's coming SOON!...
I also heard iPad3 wasn't too far off, but I won't worry about that right now..
I just want my iPad!


Feeling film-y

I suppose it's Oscar fever setting in, but we've been watching films at home to beat the band...and it's been a lot of fun. After seeing the Fellini classic La Strada, over the weekend, I had Carlo Ponti and Sophia Loren on my mind. They were utterly cool...in their beautiful, Italian sort of way...weren't they?
 And speaking of which, I'm in love the master himself on bike. Fellini by the brilliant Mary Ellen Mark from Rides a Bike

Hello shirt dresses at LLBean Signature...

...I want each and everyone of you. Only one thing means I am pining for spring...when I start pining for dresses ... and I'm obsessed with these.

The return of a classic

And not a moment too soon. Those classic Coach bags, so memorable for their simple designs and sumptuous leather...they're back. Love...absolute love :)

Preparing for the Oscars with film perfection

TCM on a bitter, Tuesday night at the house, brought 2 absolute gems. I'm guessing everyone has had the chance to see Amadeus and The Red Balloon. If you haven't, well, to put it simply, you must. Sometimes I forget just how close both these film come to perfection... and in the case of  Amadeus, that feat may have been achieved. I just don't see a flaw in this masterpiece. Brilliant script, lush set, locations and costumes and some of the finest performances ever captured...well, I am not saying anything that hasn't been said over and over and over. It's a marvel. And I haven't even mentioned the score. I said to Chris (more than once) as we watched, 'can you imagine saying that you made this film'. It's the movie equivalent of discovering penicillin. Sheer genius.
And then there is The Red Balloon. Every frame seems Henri Cartier-Bresson influenced. The story of this boy and his balloon will make you long for the days of special effects-free film. A 30 minute beauty. *Just as an aside, doesn't it seem that we've gotten worse at filmmaking. I simply cannot imagine either of these movies being made in 2011...and that is a sad sad fact.

Fifi ... come work with me - LCM

Fifi Lipin is looking oh-so library chic in her Charles Anastase

Second chances

...they happen so rarely in fashion. Miss a gem the first time around and your kind of out of luck. Not at Target though. It's been the talk for a while and Fashionista has a post this morning with the 34 looks that were part of Target's past GO international collection....dresses in particular that flew off the shelves, leaving anyone who didn't think fast in the dust. These are just a few of my faves. Mark your calendars 'cause they'll be available starting March 13...and a 3rd chance just isn't likely :)

What a way to start the day...

...lip gloss inspired doughnuts. That's right...according to Fashion Etc., Glamour UK and Krispy Kreme have teamed up to create the Glamour Glaze Doughnut. With strawberry or black currant flavored icing, these treats make want to hop over to London, pronto :)  Aren't they gorgeous!?


rockin granny chic

I've been contemplating getting these shoes for a while now...ever since I saw Maggie G. looking so chic in them...They look mega comfy, don't they?...Plus, they're kinda cute too...Worishofer! Yay! {get them on Amazon}

style, the portland way....

Loving this style blog....Urban Weeds.....courtesy of Portland, ORE

good fortune

How adorable are these fortune cookie coin purses??

The obsession continues

Maybe I'll be able to go one week without doing a post on ballerina flats that I am in love with...but I doubt it. Drooling over this pair from A.P.C

With or without

...this dress from Land's End Signature is smashing whether you like it with a belt or without. What a fabulous little spring number to dress up in so many ways. And of course...it's got those stripes you know I adore so much. 

Do you think it would be silly to have an all stripey wardrobe :)

Update 3/24/11 - As of now, this dress seems to be sold out :(

Hello pot....meet kettle

I just saw this blurb on The Cut...I hope it was taken out of context:

Anna Wintour says our British ability to laugh at ourselves is what makes London fashion really stand out. "I think that's what's so great about British fashion," she tells the Metro. "They always have a sense of humour and that's something we could afford to have a little bit more of here in the States."

OK Anna...as, arguably, the most important person in fashion, American or otherwise, why don't you put your money where your mouth is. 

*And if you haven't seen it, pretty funny cartoon slide show by Lisa Hanawalt spotted on The Hairpin

Punk rockin' eggs

Oh man...how much do I love these bad-ass, punky-rockin, English eggs from Etsy shop asherjasper? Way way too much.


Deconstructing pasta

It seems like it should be so simple...but pasta certainly has it's complexities. Never fear...this beautifully illustrated book will help you decipher all its inner meaning...and deliciousness :)

Spring sweetness

Candy.com has the best post on spring/easter candy. You  know, I don't know when I've wanted spring to come, more that I have this year. Just thinking about gummy butterflies and 'snarky' chocolate bars makes my winter blues go away :)


neapolitan cake

OK...I basically adore anything that starts & ends with neapolitan in the title..cake, ice cream, etc....
Don't you adore this beautiful cake?
I want to make it!
Perhaps even for my little son's birthday.
I need to practice...
I love gorgeous cakes....!

macaron day nyc is 3.20.2011

.....You know, if I could I would be in NY in a heartbeat (hopefully I will be engaged elsewhere w. a certain little chubster)
...Don't you love the idea of celebrating this delicate beauty?
Promise me you'll go out and eat one on Sunday, March 20th!

Hey Hey Fri-day :)

Hi Friday! Long time, no see :) Any plans for you kids? Absolutely none at all for me. Just the usual weekend fun. I have an idea...take at least one pretty awesome pic of yourself in action this weekend. I'll post mine on Monday (the least fun day of the week :(

XOXO Katiep

* Print from new fave Etsy artist Yeal Frankel

best airport 2011

Well, you already know I LOVE airports, but did you know Incheon Int'l Airport in Seoul was named Best Airport World-Wide for the 6th straight year in a row???
Let's just say I CANNOT wait to be there VERY soon!

Best buttons...EVER!

This is a tip from Laura's list of Etsy favorites...Barrel of Monkeys...quite possibly the most fantastic button, magnet etc. shop ever. This is just sampling...it's practically impossible to narrow the list...and you'll find something for everyone you know. Love!
For KJ...
For Laura...
For KJ and me...really, who doesn't love gnomes
I kind of love this one :)
Hello soulrun!