Ramen love

Do you love Ramen noodles as much as I do? Probably not...'cause I love them a lot. And I'm not talking about that dry packaged product you bought for a $1 and made in the hotpot in your college dorm (though I l sort of love those too:) If you haven't had a bowl of perfectly prepared ramen noodles, in a rich broth, with an abundance of fresh vegetables (my favorite variety)...then you haven't tasted deliciousness. Check out this great article an Savuer and renew your respect for this Japanese delight.


  1. this bowl looks fabulous...and yummy! LOVE authentic ramen....esp with the rich miso broth! we went to a japanese ramen joint a few months back ...a total nothing joint..tiny...but they had very good authentic ramen! nothing like the real thing!

    although I do like the korean pre-packaged ramen varieties too.. there are SO MANY to choose from!

  2. The korean pre-packaged ramen is delicious! I am so not a snob about ramen...I think it's a perfect food.