The obligatory Oscar post

Funny thing...my heart is not totally in this post ( I must be channeling  last night's performance of James Franco...Mr. 'I'm too cool to be here'). Did you watch the Oscars? Well, of course you did...it's the Superbowl of film. Even if you haven't seen a movie all year, you watch this show...and you are barely ever rewarded for your effort. Or worse yet, you go to a  party, where you pretend to be at the Oscars. Seriously people...why?

Anyway, last night seemed particularly painful because, in the end, you at least  have the gowns to gaze upon. And without fail, even during the most god-awful ceremonies, I find at least one dress that dazzles (remember, Maggie Gyllenhaal's Dries Van Noten from last year?). This year...well, I selected a couple pics (Jennifer Lawrence, in the first pic... and Hailee Steinfeld ). Oh and Michelle Williams...who was smashing in Chanel, but  I'm  partial to her because of that adorable short cut she does so well. All looked lovely with beautiful hair, makeup and the perfect accent of jewelry...and their gowns...simple and wonderful choices for them.That's it for me. I appreciate the effort  of Cate Blanchett, Marisa Tomei and Nicole Kidman...they took chances and while none quite worked, I won't forget the gowns any time soon. Contrary to the 'peanut gallery' I hated Reese Witherspoon (so so totally boring), Gwenyth Paltrow (giant roll of aluminum foil) and Penelope Cruz (who I just can't stand period). Everyone else...Mila Kunis (beautiful girl), Scarlett Johansson (aka, the red, hot mess...yeah, we get it...you're sexy...now stop acting like that), Halle Berry ...eh ... you will never, ever be remembered beyond this morning.

*One more thing...if you really want to know who killed on the red carpet, check out the fashion blogs, like The Cut and style.com/... and best of all Andre Leon Talley from Vogue . I don't agree with everything he says but he's so good, he may just change my mind ... and for a totally different take, read Eric Wilson's column from the NYTimes, which I have to say, is pretty spot on. Oh and stay away from stupid shows on E! hosted by uttlerly clueless minor-celebrities.

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